Experience the World's Leading Cloud-Based Contact Center Software

Create the call center your customers and agents deserve.

All the benefits of enterprise call center software, without all the complexity.

Advanced Routing

Eliminate the need to transfer callers from agent to agent. With skills-based routing and interactive voice response (IVR) systems, callers are routed to the right agent the moment their calls connect.

Automated Workflows

Reduce average handle time and increase agent efficiency with automated workflows. When you have Talkdesk do the heavy-lifting, your agents will have more time to do what they do best: foster customer loyalty.

Reporting & Monitoring

Help your team achieve its maximum potential with call monitoring capabilities and customized reporting. With Talkdesk, you can respond instantly to the changing needs of your business.

How to Create Your Call Center

Step 1: Sign Up

Request a free demo from the Talkdesk website. A contact center expert will then help you create your Talkdesk account.

Step 2: Purchase a Number

With your complimentary Talkdesk credit, purchase a new phone number for the country and area code of your choice. Pick from over 41 countries!

Step 3: Add Agents

Click the “Add Agents” link to give your team access to Talkdesk. Simply enter their name and email address and they will be sent an invitation.

Step 4: Configure

Now that your call center has agents, assign each to their appropriate ring group. You can then customize your IVR system with the dropdown menu and text-to-speech prompts.

Step 5: Make and Receive Calls

Test out your new call center by using the in-browser keypad to place a call. Once the call is over, you can select a disposition code and add a note to the call log.

Integrate with Over 25 Applications

Connect Talkdesk with the applications you already use
to personalize every customer interaction.

“Talkdesk has continuously facilitated growth through every stage of our company. Anytime an agent is talking on the phone, they are doing it through Talkdesk.”

Miguel Santo Amaro, Founder

“If you have a consistently superior experience, you are more likely to be a customer for life. At Anki, we strive to inspire that kind of loyalty in our customers.”

Jon Mitchell, Sr. Director of Customer Care

"With Talkdesk, we ran implementation in less than half a day and we were making phone calls that same afternoon.”

Chad Boonsupa, Director of Customer Success

“Tools like Talkdesk not only provide a better experience for the agents, but also provide a better experience for our customers.”

LaKeisha Square, Sr. Customer Experience Specialist

Experience the World's Leading
Cloud-Based Contact Center Software

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