Provide a high-quality digital self-service customer experience with virtual agent assistance.

Talkdesk customer self-service solutions, powered by Generative AI, empower customers to resolve their issues quickly and efficiently, reducing agent workloads and operational costs.

Self Service Experience

Increase customer self-service with AI-powered channels.

Intelligent self-service saves customers time and frees your service teams to focus on the most complex questions.

Make it easy for customers to get instant help and resolve their most common questions using voice and digital bots. Get all the tools you need to deploy, monitor, and optimize virtual agent experiences that your customers are happy with.

Autopilot Session Monitor

Resolve more interactions with generative AI.

Harness the power of Talkdesk Autopilot™ to drive costs and customer satisfaction. Generate highly contextual and natural conversational responses to customer inquiries.

Talkdesk Omnichannel Visual Flow Designer

Easily create effective call flows for great self-service experiences.

Talkdesk Studio™ provides a clear view of the customer journey and allows non-technical stakeholders to create intelligent, context-driven IVR flows that deliver a frictionless self-service customer experience, including triggers to route to a live agent.

Customized Virtual Agent Conversational Flows

Create automatic conversation flows.

Use templates already designed and integrated for specific industry use cases, or create custom bots in seconds with our script-free, generative AI-powered technology.

Hear how AI makes CX transformation easier than ever.

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Ken Cohen

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Director of CX Enterprise

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Jacquelin James

Director Global Operations


Self-service channels enable your customers to get quick, easy answers to common questions without the need to wait for a live representative. These self-service channels can include FAQ pages, knowledge base access, or even AI-powered systems, like Talkdesk Autopilot. This interactive assistant is able to provide human-like customer support 24/7, meaning that your customers won’t have to wait for the next business day to get the answers they need.

When your business offers quality self-service options, like the conversational IVR system from Talkdesk Studio™, you empower customers to easily resolve their own problems without having to send an email or speak to a representative. This can significantly reduce costs, boost the effectiveness of live agents, and enhance the customer experience.

Beyond the obvious customer benefits offered by self-service solutions, like 24/7 online support, near-instant customer service from virtual agents, and an increase in customer satisfaction contact centers are also seeing extensive business advantages. Some of these include improved agent productivity, reduced call abandonment rates, and much lower costs. In fact, a customer call with an IVR system costs 7-8 times less than a call with a live agent, saving company dollars and also decreasing resolution time.

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