The Talkdesk Community.

The Talkdesk Community.

Join the Talkdesk Community.

Your space to connect, collaborate, and celebrate CX innovation.

Whether you’re an experienced Talkdesk user or just starting out, the community has something for you. You’ll find opportunities to learn from your peers and share best practices; the chance to influence the Talkdesk product roadmap and innovate CX. This is a space where Talkdesk customers are recognized for their product expertise and celebrated for their thought leadership.

This is your space.

This is your space.

You’re ready to connect with your peers to solve problems and share experiences. You’re eager to learn more about the product roadmap and share your product ideas with Talkdesk. This is your space.

The community is here for you.

The community is here for you.

When you need a quick answer.

When you’ve discovered a solution.

When you’d like to brainstorm program development.

When you want to showcase your team’s successes.

When you’re ready to connect with peers.

When you’d like to participate in Early Access programs.

When you need resources.

When you have an idea.

When you’d like access to exclusive events.

When you’re ready to grow your personal brand.

The Talkdesk Community is here for you.

How to join?

The community is open to all Talkdesk customers.

To request access, please contact your customer success manager.

Questions? Reach out to the Talkdesk Community team.

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