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For Pogust Goodhead, the fight for justice begins in the call center.

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$750k saved with improved efficiencies

Changing the world, one case at a time

Pogust Goodhead is an international class action law firm headquartered in London, England. Their growing global partnership consists of over 100 lawyers and more than 500 staff members in three locations. Pogust Goodhead’s mission is to level the playing field between individuals and large corporations.

"Agents need to adapt their communication style extremely quickly to ensure a caller feels like they're being heard. With the tools that we have available, simple pieces of information can be added to the file very quickly, which gives the agent who's answering the call a bit more data and makes their life easier."

Harry Fox Head of Operations

Automation in a Modern Service Desk.

There can be substantial barriers for consumers, residents, victims, business owners, and investors looking for justice—especially when they’re up against the financial resources of multinational corporations. The team at Pogust Goodhead works to remove those barriers so everyone can access fair and tangible results.

That path often begins in the call center.

Pogust Goodhead partnered with Talkdesk because of its forward-thinking approach. The team saw a lot of possibilities to integrate emerging technologies like AI and chatbots, including seamless integrations existing solutions from Microsoft and Salesforce. The new solution allows Pogust Goodhead to streamline and accelerate customer communications, modernizing their contact center and maximizing their efforts.

Migrating Pogust Goodhead’s call center operations to Talkdesk was fast—it took less than two weeks to complete the migration. They were fully operational within 10 business days.

With Talkdesk CX Cloud, Pogust Goodhead agents no longer need to spend several minutes confirming a caller’s identity and locating the appropriate claim. Now, agents can get to the heart of the matter in seconds. Talkdesk for Salesforce saves time for clients and allows Pogust Goodhead to reduce wait times and process more incoming calls.

In the first year of using Talkdesk CX Cloud, Pogust Goodhead saved $750,000 by increasing efficiency. Instead of expanding the team, they boosted their capacity to interact with customers, moving through outgoing calls quickly and processing incoming calls effectively.

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