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Using Talkdesk, Pillow’s agents are empowered to deliver
detail-oriented customer service that reinforces
their hospitality culture with every phone call.


Getting better customer service mileage

Edmunds helps you find your perfect car. See how Talkdesk helps them deliver high quality phone support to their users.


Driving superior customer experiences

Anki needed to meet a seasonal spike in customer demand for its innovative products. Learn how they used Talkdesk to build a flexible, scalable call center in time for the holidays.


Mastering the art of customer service

Beautylish controls every aspect of the customer journey to ensure a delightful experience at every step. See how Talkdesk helps them deliver first-class service.

Our Customers

See how companies around the world are using Talkdesk to create brand loyalty and provide excellent customer experiences.

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