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Talkdesk for Financial Services is a complete cloud contact center suite that helps you deepen customer relationships through digital transformation

Invest in the Client Experience

Insure life-long loyalty

Innovation is table stakes in the new world of financial services. As disruptive competition intensifies, you can either be at the forefront — or be left behind. Talkdesk contact center solutions will transform the ways you connect with clients today — and in the future. Create secure, convenient experiences that promote ease and trust. Whether you’re managing bank accounts, wealth portfolios, loans, mortgages, insurance quotes or claims, Talkdesk makes it possible to extend every customer relationship into life-long loyalty. (And that’s the bottom line.)

Deliver Digital Experiences

Bring the in-branch experience online. Connect with clients, in real time, in the places they prefer — at every stage of their financial journey — to create a uniquely integrated and consistent customer service experience. Talkdesk packages voice and digital channels in one simple solution — so you can offer convenience without sacrificing security.

  • Offer secure chat channels so customers can easily request complex services
  • Streamline social media queries into a single secure inbox so you never miss an opportunity to engage
  • Provide a seamless communications transition — from digital to voice
  • Send proactive financial alerts to preempt questions, cross-sell services and keep clients informed
  • Offer 24/7 self-service in your mobile app or on your website. (And automated speech recognition in your IVR, too!)

Know Your Customer

Knowing your customer is about more than just identity verification and risk reduction — it’s about using the wealth of data you have on each individual to provide better service through personalized, high-touch experiences.

  • Route inquiries to the banker, advisor or specialist that’s best skilled to handle them
  • Arm agents with a 360° view of client context by unifying data from your CRM and other systems in a single interface
  • Use AI to analyze customer interactions in real time and deliver tailored responses based on activity and intent
  • Manage contact center KPIs with real-time reporting that helps identify trends
  • Monitor call recordings and sentiment to evaluate client happiness and ensure compliance

Protect Your Assets

Customers trust you with their financial wellness; don’t put them at risk. Talkdesk takes security seriously. That’s why we have more than 30 certifications and a dedicated team that keeps on the cusp of regulatory compliance.

  • End-to-end data protection with strong encryption at rest and in-transit
  • PCI-DSS certified, regulatory-compliant and hacker-verified by third parties
  • Multi-factor authentication, combined with granular authorization controls
  • Audit logging and change management makes it clear who has access to what
  • Flexible cloud deployments put you in control and pave the way for global expansion
  • Always on, with an unprecedented 100% uptime SLA

Financial Companies Trust Talkdesk

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"Talkdesk is listening, evolving and consistently making their software better for customers."


ClickPay used real-time reporting to decrease average wait time by 40%.

Everything You Need to Improve the Customer Experience

Digital Engagement

Connect with clients — and acquire new ones — in real time, on the channels they prefer.

Online Self-Service

Use conversational bots to handle common questions such as promotions, exchange rate or branch locations.

Automated Speech Recognition

Let customers manage accounts and process transactions by phone — all without an agent.

Contextual Routing

Collect data from the customer journey — such as branches, contact centers, and digital banking touchpoints — to match customers with best-fit advisors.

Agent Assist

Proactively provide agents with relevant information, such as claims status or refinancing rates, based on stated client needs and optimized outcome.

In-App Automations

Open new accounts, check credit scores or manage transfers, directly in the agent interface — all without ever leaving the Talkdesk platform.

Customer Analytics

Unify the data in your CRM, website, payment networks, and management systems for a complete view of every client. Talkdesk integrates with ease to connect the financial experience.

Real-Time Reporting

Manage real-time KPIs with dashboards and reports you can tailor to your needs. Easily identify coaching opportunities to reduce risk and improve service.

Call Recording

Capture every call so you can monitor service quality, improve employee performance, reduce fraud and resolve disputes.

Smart Cross-Sell Recommendations

Use AI to analyze financial holdings and history to uncover predictive opportunities to sell services and products.

Financial Alerts

Proactively send banking statements, new promotions, fraud alerts and financial advice to keep clients informed and engaged.

Competitive Benchmarking

Understand how your contact center compares, so you can give competitors a run for their money.

Easy Integrations

Easily integrate across delivery channels, from first interaction to last transaction. Choose from over 50 integrations or extend our platform to build the perfect contact center solution.

Go Global

Expand customer service across global locations. Agents have the flexibility to work from anywhere, using Talkdesk on their home computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Automated Forecasting

Modernize workforce management with AI-driven forecasts that accurately anticipate staffing needs and generate corresponding schedules.

PCI Compliant & More

With over 30 compliance certifications, including PCI and GDPR, Talkdesk has the most comprehensive set of company security standards in the industry.

Multifactor Authentication

Our platform supports SAML, single sign-on, and multi-factor authentication, combined with granular authorization controls.

Flexible Deployment Options

Stay in control of compliance. Choose from public, private and hybrid options that put you in complete control of your data.

Global Call Quality

Every call matters. Make a great impression with crystal-clear conversations and unmatched reliability.

100% Uptime SLA

Your clients rely on you. And we want you to rely on us. That’s why we strive for perfection. When it comes to availability, you have our guarantee with a 100% uptime SLA.

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