Financial Services & Insurance

Talkdesk for Financial Services & Insurance is a modern cloud contact center solution that delivers streamlined, efficient client and policyholder experiences.

Ensuring Client Loyalty

The Financial Services & Insurance industry has been changed forever. 2020 has vastly accelerated financial services and insurance firms digital requirements. Talkdesk provides a complete end-to-end contact center solution that brings intelligence to the forefront, helping wealth managers, banks, insurance firms, payment servicers and fintechs streamline service operations to deliver seamless client & policyholder experiences.

Banking Reimagined

The global pandemic has led to increasingly low interest rates. Responding to clients in a timely manner has never been more important. Loan origination has increased YoY 111%. Explore Talkdesk for Banking to:

  • Develop a virtual workforce to service your clients 24/7/365.
  • Prioritize serving your clients by leveraging digital channels throughout the buying journey. 
  • Engage with clients in their preferred communication channel.
  • Maintain regulatory standards while working in the new-normal.

Rewriting Insurance

With major restrictions to normal-day worklife, it’s more important than ever for insurance firms to be there for policyholders and deliver a seamless experience, while also ensuring they’re protected from future potential risk. Explore Talkdesk for Insurance to:

  • Allow your agents to remotely support policyholders.
  • Streamline policyholder requests rapidly with real-time intelligence.
  • Accelerate claim cycles with a 360 degree view of the policyholder.
  • Protect policyholder data with 30+ enterprise-grade security certifications

Process Transactions Rapidly with Payments & Fintech

The dynamic payments industry continues to expand and evolve, with digital payment vehicles and transaction volumes growing across the globe. Explore Talkdesk for Payments & Fintech to:

  • Allow agents to quickly address clients needs from any remote environment.
  • Intelligently prioritize and automate proactive outreach to clients with outstanding payments.
  • Deliver transparency with an end-to-end digital client journey. 
  • Protect all your transaction data with rigorous data security standards.

Redefining Wealth Management

As a Wealth Manager, you’re now serving a new generation of investors with a new outlook on financial management. Your investors have increased expectations for transparency and digital transactions. Explore Talkdesk for Wealth Management to:

  • Allow your advisors and reps to support your clients virtually.  
  • Provide agents with a connected view of every interaction with each client.
  • Retain client trust by delivering transparency through proactive and digital financial management.
  • Maintain regulatory standards while working in the new-normal.

Leading Financial Services & Insurance Firms Leverage Talkdesk to Reimagine CX

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Everything You Need to Improve the Customer Experience

Digital Engagement

Connect with clients — and acquire new ones — in real time, on the channels they prefer.

Online Self-Service

Use conversational bots to handle common questions such as promotions, exchange rate or branch locations.

Automated Speech Recognition

Let customers manage accounts and process transactions by phone — all without an agent.

Contextual Routing

Collect data from the customer journey — such as branches, contact centers, and digital banking touchpoints — to match customers with best-fit advisors.

Agent Assist

Proactively provide agents with relevant information, such as claims status or refinancing rates, based on stated client needs and optimized outcome.

Customer Analytics

Unify the data in your CRM, website, payment networks, and management systems for a complete view of every client. Talkdesk integrates with ease to connect the financial experience.

Real-Time Reporting

Manage real-time KPIs with dashboards and reports you can tailor to your needs. Easily identify coaching opportunities to reduce risk and improve service.

Call Recording

Capture every call so you can monitor service quality, improve employee performance, reduce fraud and resolve disputes.

Smart Cross-Sell Recommendations

Use AI to analyze financial holdings and history to uncover predictive opportunities to sell services and products.

Financial Alerts

Proactively send banking statements, new promotions, fraud alerts and financial advice to keep clients informed and engaged.

Easy Integrations

Easily integrate across delivery channels, from first interaction to last transaction. Choose from over 50 integrations or extend our platform to build the perfect contact center solution.

Go Global

Expand customer service across global locations. Agents have the flexibility to work from anywhere, using Talkdesk on their home computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Automated Forecasting

Modernize workforce management with AI-driven forecasts that accurately anticipate staffing needs and generate corresponding schedules.

PCI Compliant & More

With over 30 compliance certifications, including PCI and GDPR, Talkdesk has the most comprehensive set of company security standards in the industry.

Multifactor Authentication

Our platform supports SAML, single sign-on, and multi-factor authentication, combined with granular authorization controls.

Flexible Deployment Options

Stay in control of compliance. Choose from public, private and hybrid options that put you in complete control of your data.

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