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Build lasting, profitable customer connections with Talkdesk’s modern cloud contact center solution. 

Deliver a Seamless Shopper Experience

Great customer service is no longer a differentiator — it’s a must. When every conversation matters, you need technology that keeps up. Talkdesk helps you make sure your customers get quick, personalized service. Because happy customers means higher sales.

Reach Your Customers — Everywhere

Shoppers interact with your brand on multiple devices and channels. Seamlessly connect with those customers at every step of their buying journey. With Talkdesk, you get all voice and digital channels in one simple solution.

  • Route conversations to the agent best suited to solve them quickly and correctly.
  • Enable shoppers to interact across channels without having to repeat themselves.
  • Personalize proactive notifications to touch base with the right details at the right time.
  • Offer 24/7 automated self-service in your IVR, mobile app and website and free up agents for more complex scenarios.

Let’s Get Personal

Talkdesk connects the dots between the data in your CRM, website, sales and service systems for a complete picture of every customer. When you can see the big picture — and all the little details — personalization is no problem.

  • Solve questions faster with complete customer context at your fingertips. Connect customer journey touchpoints with data from your CRM and other systems into a single interface for your customer care associates.
  • Deliver real-time suggested actions and shortcuts to associates based on shopper behavior and intent.
  • Easily manage real-time KPIs with dashboards you can tailor to your needs.
  • Monitor recordings and CSAT surveys to keep quality high and shoppers satisfied.

Be Ready to Scale

Whether for seasonal demand or unplanned events, you need agility to scale, without compromising customer service. Talkdesk is intuitively designed, so it’s easy to onboard and manage agents wherever they are. 

  • Activate a remote workforce in minutes – associates can work from their home computer or even a smartphone.
  • Quickly augment your staffing with CXTalent™, a platform offering skilled staff ready to dial.
  • Manage your distributed  workforce with remote monitoring and coaching.
  • Let AI do the work of forecasting volume and corresponding schedules.

Top Retail Brands Choose Talkdesk

Watch How These Retail Leaders Use Talkdesk to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience


"Our number one goal is to make sure every customer is receiving an amazing experience. Talkdesk makes it incredibly easy to view and act on data. It lets us know how and where we can improve, both on a team and individual basis."

Aaron Bata, Head of Customer Experience, Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle used live reporting to increase service levels by more than 10%.

"I can add an agent in 15 seconds and there is no learning curve. Agents can see what’s happening at a glance and work together to meet SLAs and improve customer satisfaction."

MEGAN MILES, Customer Service Manager, Zumiez

Zumiez leveraged real-time analytics to improve service levels by 15%.

Everything You Need to Improve the Customer Experience

Digital Engagement

Talkdesk bundles SMS, email, chat, social media and more — so you can be everywhere your shoppers are.

Smart Self-Service

Let the bots answer common questions and free up associates for more complex scenarios. Offer 24-7 automated self-service — in your IVR, mobile app and website.

Proactive Notifications

Touch base with the right details at the right time. Automatically send order confirmations, shipping updates, return status, and other customer communications.

Contextual Routing

Collect data from the shopper experience — such as web or mobile activity, loyalty program or location — to connect customers with the associate best equipped to help.

Agent Assistance

Proactively provide associates with complete customer context and relevant information, such as inventory or store hours, based on stated shopper needs.

In-App Automations

Perform refunds and reorders in connected software, directly in the agent interface — all without ever leaving the Talkdesk platform.

Customer Journey Analytics

Talkdesk integrates with ease to aggregate customer context and surface behavior patterns — so you can anticipate shopper needs and keep them coming back.

Dynamic Product Recommendations

Use AI to analyze shoppers’ past actions and uncover predictive opportunities for cross-sell, upsell and targeted promotions.

Real-Time Reporting

Manage real-time KPIs with custom dashboards and reports. Easily identify areas for improvement to coach associates and impact customer satisfaction.

Easy Integrations

Easily integrate across every facet of the retail ecosystem.
Choose from over 50 integrations or build on our platform to tailor-make the perfect contact center solution.

Outbound Campaigns

Increase sales efficiency by automating the dialing process to maximize outbound call volume. Intelligently connect your reps with the right prospects at the right time.


Provide flexibility with work-from-home, after-hours, or part-time staffing options. Associates can use Talkdesk on their home computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Automated Forecasting

Rely on AI to accurately forecast staffing needs and corresponding schedules — so you can focus on seasonal strategy (not spreadsheets).

PCI Compliant & More

With over 30 compliance certifications, including PCI and GDPR, we have the most comprehensive set of company security standards in the industry — and the best people in place to uphold them.

Global Call Quality

Connect to your customer with crystal-clear conversations, unmatched reliability and personalization that reflects your brand.

100% Uptime SLA

What matters to you matters to us. That’s why we strive for perfection. When it comes to availability, you have our guarantee with a 100% uptime SLA.

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