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Talkdesk for Healthcare is a complete cloud contact center suite that helps you better engage patients through secure communication channels

Treat Patients to the Best Consumer Care in Healthcare

With the growing number of health and insurance options available, patient and member experience is more important than ever. Healthcare companies must empower consumers with digital resources, help them navigate a complex system, and provide easy access to customer service and care — all while complying with strict regulations. Talkdesk specializes in innovative contact center solutions that help you improve quality of delivery and access to care while staying secure. (It’s just what the doctor ordered.)

Deliver Real-Time Clinical and Care Communications

Patients expect ease, convenience and security. Whether voice or digital, Talkdesk’s secure communications make timely, patient-centered care a reality.

  • Cloud infrastructure breaks down regional barriers, so you can engage no matter where patients or providers are located
  • Provide secure virtual care to deliver services in home and community settings
  • Send HIPAA-compliant messages, such as wellness tips and appointment reminders, that build patient relationships and engagement
  • Automate communication workflows based on call schedules and skills — so the right care team members get notified at the right time
  • Seamlessly scale to handle busy times like enrollment periods and tax season
  • Use AI to accurately forecast call center volumes and create corresponding schedules, so you stay staffed and ready

Personalize the Patient Experience

Everyone’s journey to better health is different. Personalize that journey with therapy management or support services, specific to each patient’s condition and circumstances. Use context to improve healthcare engagement and patient outcomes.

  • Arm agents with a 360° view of patient information by unifying data from your CRM, EHR and contact center in a single interface
  • Easily integrate so agents can quickly schedule appointments or find physicians, without jumping between systems
  • Use AI to analyze calls in real time and provide recommended responses for better, faster care
  • Leverage real-time analytics insights to gauge sentiment and improve patient experience
  • Improve efficacy with automated workflows for post-discharge follow-ups and patient satisfaction surveys

Build Patient Trust

Nothing is more personal than someone’s health. We take their privacy as seriously as you do. That’s why we maintain a comprehensive set of company security standards and a regulatory-secure platform.

  • End-to-end data encryption, ensuring PHI is secure in the cloud
  • HIPAA attestation and 30+ certifications, hacker-verified by third parties
  • PCI-DSS certified to handle cardholder data for bill pay
  • Broad multi-factor authentication support, combined with granular authorization controls
  • Audit logging and change management makes it clear who has access to what
  • Flexible cloud deployments localized to affiliate country and regulatory requirements
  • Always on call, with an unprecedented 100% uptime SLA

Healthcare Leaders Trust Talkdesk

See how innovative health services providers use Talkdesk

"Information security is Cognosante’s number-one goal. Talkdesk helps us address our liability and security concerns by allowing us to own and control our call recordings. No other solution offers this."

Michael Zurat, Director of Engagement Solutions, Cognosante

Cognosante got 500 agents up and running in just 2 days.

"We’re able to get to our providers and our patients even quicker and provide better customer service."

Greg Zalecki, Director of Sales Operations, Sema4

Sema4 leveraged analytics insights to lower average speed of answer by 33%.

Everything You Need to Improve the Patient Experience


Deliver the right message through the right channel. Communicate using email, interactive voice recording, live call, SMS and messaging apps to maximize reach.

Virtual Care

Scale across geographical and organization boundaries. Agents and clinicians can take calls anywhere, using Talkdesk on their home computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Contextual Routing

Collect data from the patient journey — such as member ID, web or mobile activity, or location — to connect consumers with the specialist best equipped to help.

In-App Automations

Schedule appointments, check prescriptions or estimate costs, directly in the agent interface — all without ever leaving the Talkdesk platform.

Call Recording

Capture every call and protect every patient. Customize storage and retention preferences to secure data and meet compliance needs.

Easy Integrations

Unify the data in your CRM, EHR, billing and claims systems in a single view. Talkdesk integrates with ease to connect the patient experience and provide complete visibility.


Capture sentiment and satisfaction scores. Use emotion and feedback insights to improve agent empathy and patient retention.

Proactive Outreach

Automatically send health tips, appointment reminders and preadmission forms to keep patients informed and engaged.

Outbound Dialing

Quickly conduct post-admission follow-ups or survey calls to ensure future patient satisfaction.

HIPAA Compliant & More

With over 30 compliance certifications, including HIPAA, PCI and GDPR, Talkdesk has a top-tier security posture — and a dedicated team to uphold it.

Agent Assistance

Proactively provide agents with relevant information, such as hospital locations or benefits coverage, based on stated patient needs and optimized outcome.

Advanced Analytics

Create custom reports and dashboards. AI-powered insights surface trends and help supervisors identify and act on coaching opportunities.

Automated Forecasting

Modernize workforce management with AI-driven forecasts that accurately anticipate staffing needs and generate corresponding schedules.

Global Call Quality

Every call matters. Make a great impression with crystal-clear conversations and unmatched reliability.

Flexible Deployment Options

Store your data, your way. Choose from public, private and hybrid cloud options that put you in control.

100% Uptime SLA

When you’re on call, so are we. When it comes to availability, you have our guarantee with a 100% uptime SLA. That’s just how we operate.

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