5 Things to Consider When Building a Call Center Culture


In today’s competitive professional marketplace, company culture is often the dividing line between keeping rock star employees or losing them to competitors. Some roles are particularly important to foster a positive company culture, and customer service agents in your call center are one of these critical roles. Your call center is the front line of […]

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The Dangers of a Siloed Customer Service Team

Caution tape

Frequently, customer service teams are comprised of entry-level, junior team members who are not included in strategic business conversations. Too often, key stakeholders from marketing, product and business development make important business decisions yet fail to keep the customer service team updated. Siloing your customer service team, however, is a dangerous mistake for your business. […]

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6 Tips for Shifting Your Service from Reactive to Proactive

call center agent with headset

Two types of businesses exist in this world — a business that takes initiative to solve problems, capture opportunities and innovate quickly or the other business that waits for things to break, opportunities to come to them and uses old, antiquated processes and technology. Which business would you rather be? We could take a guess […]

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Is Your Call Center Ready for Bots?


This year, bots and the rise of popular messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger have dominated online media conversations around trends in technology and communication. From Forbes and The Economist to Time magazine — everyone is talking about the artificial intelligence (AI) online chat tools that use a combination of machine learning and language processing […]

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6 Things to Consider When Choosing a BPO Partner

people in a call center

Deciding to outsource your call center operations is a big decision. Those who speak with your customers on a daily basis represent your brand and are ultimately the face of your company. With your reputation on the line, it is critical to choose a partner you can work positively with and someone who can help […]

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