Virtual Solutions: The Benefits of Moving Your Call Center to the Cloud

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Remember the days when we would wait for that important fax to come in? You’d wait for your incoming fax to print, sign it, and then send it right on back to the recipient. Nowadays, we’re signing documents seamlessly and virtually online, via cloud-based software. Times are changing behind the scenes in the call center […]

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A Guide to Feedback Loops in the Call Center

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Call center supervisors are inherently very capable systems thinkers. They approach any problems or challenges in their call centers with a systems approach towards resolution. They can very quickly point out the three basic components of their complex call center systems: Inputs, Processes, and Outputs (also known as IPO). However, they often forget a fourth […]

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Hands-Free Help: 3 Ways Your Website Can Provide Better Customer Service

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In these modern do-it-yourself times, customers are demanding more control over their experience with your company. Self-service options for the consumer are abundant, and we can see them from checkout counters to online refund processing. Auditing your website and identifying opportunities to create self-service experiences will help shrink your ratio of inbound customer service requests […]

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7 Customer Service Phrases To Never Use In the Call Center


From time-to-time, your call center team members will be met with challenging customer interactions. These interactions can trigger agents to make common call center mistakes. In these tense situations, it is important to provide service that makes you and your team shine and represents your company in a positive way. If you remember to respond […]

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How Increasing Customer Effort Scores (CES) Can Create Lasting Loyalty

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Surprising and delighting customers is a fantastic way to increase customer loyalty, and outshine competitors. What do customers know they want consistently from your call center team? They crave an easy and quick way to resolve issues. That let’s-get-this-over-with-and-we-can-remain-friends vibe? That’s what Customer Effort Score, or CES, is all about and routinely positive CES scores […]

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