Announcing App Dash: A Webinar Series with Prizes!

Talkdesk is excited to launch the first ever App Dash — a series of webinars in which AppConnect partners showcase their applications. By attending, not only will you learn about how to take advantage of five great app integrations, you can also help your favorite app win their first AppConnect award! As the first enterprise […]

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Does Your Call Center Move at the Speed of Customer Expectations?

call center

When it comes to customer expectations, the only constant is change. With new technology and the continued blurring of the business and consumer sectors, customers are always molding their opinion of what companies should offer them in terms of customer experience. It’s no secret that the best way to meet those expectations is to have […]

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Tiago Paiva: How a Dreamer Became a Doer

Tiago Paiva

Do you know Talkdesk’s inspiring origin story? As Talkdesk has recently been named to Forbes 2017 Cloud 100 list, we felt that now would be the perfect time to bring you this interview of Tiago Paiva, the Founder and CEO of Talkdesk. This article originally appeared in Opentalk Magazine.  Let’s start from the beginning. How did you […]

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Announcing the 2017 Talkdesk Road Show

Talkdesk Road Show

Talkdesk is packing our bags and hitting the road for the 2017 Talkdesk Road Show! It’s the perfect time for your company to learn more about how tomorrow’s technology can benefit today’s customers; we’ll be showcasing Talkdesk and talking about the intelligent technology that powers our software. Explore our contact center software and see how […]

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Why Agent Experience is the Foundation for Customer Service

Agent Experience

This piece was originally written by Jon Braga, Customer Advocacy Thought Leader, for Opentalk magazine. In planning sessions, we talk about how we can improve the customer experience (CX). But, when was the last time you worried about the agent experience? Unless you’re working at one of the unicorns of support service, this topic does […]

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