Shifting Your Focus to Customer Experience

customer experience

One of the big conclusions from Deloitte’s 2017 global contact center survey was that contact centers would see a shift in their primary function. To quote the survey: “Only three percent of companies responding consider revenue growth to be the primary driver for their contact center. Instead, close to 90% name improving customer experience as […]

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Call for Stories: 101 Customer Stories Contest is Open!

101 Customer Stories

Some customer service stories just warm your heart. Remember when Ibby the Starbucks barista learned sign language to communicate with her deaf customer? And who could forget the time when Tracey from Domino’s Pizza called the Sheriff after she hadn’t heard from her regular customer in 11 days and ultimately saved his life? While customers’ […]

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A Cheat Sheet for Innovative Contact Center Metrics

Editor’s Note: This piece was originally written by Brian Cantor, Digital Director and Principal Analyst at CCW, for CCW and Talkdesk’s Special Report: Agent Performance. Make no mistake; contact center performance is ultimately defined by core “outcomes” like customer satisfaction, loyalty and revenue. Intermediary metrics, however, play an immensely important role in diagnosing performance, identifying […]

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7 Types of Phone Calls Where You Should Screen Share

7 Types of Phone Calls Screen Share

This post was written by Jói Sigurdsson, Founder and CEO of CrankWheel, a screen sharing solution available on AppConnect. In Deloitte’s 2017 Global Contact Center Survey, contact center executives said one of the big changes that will transform the customer experience in the next few years is the aim of making interactions “effortless.” Consumers prefer […]

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Don’t Put Contact Center Implementation on Hold

This post was written by Jon Heaps, Vice President of Channels at Talkdesk.  It’s hard not to smile when a sales rep claims their company’s “open APIs” will allow you to set up your contact center in no time, but that can quickly turn into a grimace six months later when you find yourself buried […]

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