Talkdesk’s Portuguese Word of November

Friday, November 27th, 2015 Call Center, Talkdesk Portuguese Word of the Month Talkdesk call center software

At Talkdesk, we, quite literally, have our heads in the clouds. Our revolutionary call center software is called “cloud-based” for a reason! We believe in the power of the cloud to transform modern business. From Salesforce to Box, company after company has shown us that cloud-based applications are the future. Our customers benefit in a […]

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3 Reasons Our Customers Are Thankful for Talkdesk Call Center Software

Thursday, November 26th, 2015 Call Center, Talkdesk Thank You

This post is written by Talkdesk’s Director of Customer Success, Blaire Fernandez. At Talkdesk, we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have top notch customers. By their very nature, Talkdesk customers have a desire to adopt the newest and best technology available. They are companies searching for a call center solution that is not only great today, but will also […]

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5 Tips For Call Center Managers Buying New Call Center Software

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015 Call Center Talkdesk call center software

The job of a call center manager can be challenging. Call centers are high-paced environments. Managers often oversee dispersed teams and large numbers of employees. What’s more, when frustrated customers insist on speaking to a manager, guess who they want? You! The flip side of this high-stress equation is that it is also high-reward. Call […]

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Customer Service Excellence Review #6

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015 Customer Service Customer Service Excellence Review Talkdesk

Customer service excellence is a goal that every company must chase and once they’ve achieved it, they must continue running. It is at once a longterm goal and an everyday practice. But what, exactly, is customer service excellence? The name of the game in modern business is personalized, real-time customer service. The modern consumer demands […]

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New Feature: Holiday Hours

Monday, November 23rd, 2015 Call Center, Talkdesk Holiday Hours Talkdesk Call Center Software Features

The days are getting colder, lights are being strung up and the air is buzzing with excitement. The holidays are almost upon us! This time of year usually means plenty of quality time spent with family and friends, but before all of that can happen, you’ll need to take care of one small thing: scheduling […]

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This Thanksgiving, Inspire Customer Thankfulness

Friday, November 20th, 2015 Call Center Thanksgiving Talkdesk

Customer loyalty is the bread and butter of every successful modern company. Or should I say, it’s the turkey and cranberry sauce? The mashed potatoes and gravy? The green beans and casserole? Thanksgiving has all of us at Talkdesk thinking about customer loyalty – what it is, why it matters, how to achieve it. But […]

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