When Should You Consider Using an IVR?


When calling large companies, instead of immediately speaking to a customer service agent, you’ll usually arrive at a phone tree system that asks you to make a series of numbered choices. This system is called an interactive voice response system, or IVR. IVR systems can be used to service high call volumes, reduce costs and […]

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Healthcare customer service and compliance


The rising costs of healthcare in the U.S. have been a topic of concern for quite some time. Much like other industries, increased competition and technology are making healthcare options more competitive. Patients can vote with their dollars — and healthcare providers that serve up transparent, stellar customer service will win business. Healthcare is a […]

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Why a PBX is Not a Replacement for Call Center Software

old telephone

Your call center is an integral piece in your company’s customer satisfaction, sales volume and business efficiency goals. With so many critical business metrics tied to your call center, it’s easy to see why selecting the right technology and process is so important. At the most basic level, your call center needs to provide a […]

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Customer Experience Weekly #10

Talkdesk Customer Experience Weekly

November is in full swing, and we have your weekly customer service roundup as we approach the holiday season, one of the most important seasons for customer service. Talkdesk’s Customer Experience Weekly (CXW) brings together the best information and insights from around the web on subjects related to CX. The Customer Experience Weekly posts dive […]

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Is Your Customer Service Center Too Dependent on the Wrong Technology?

vintage call center

Last week I read a great article by Bart Perkins, titled Is your service center too dependent on technology? The theme of Perkins’ post embodied in his last sentence is: “if you don’t meet customers’ criteria for an acceptable customer support experience, they’ll be gone before you can say ‘press 9 to speak to one […]

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