Looking Beyond Metrics for Customer Satisfaction

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Number of calls in queue, average handle times, speed to answer. Historically, the world of call center customer service has been all about the numbers. When customer satisfaction dips, many in the industry pile on increasing layers of call center metrics to locate the problem. But while data creates a critical foundation for any customer […]

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5 Ways to Help Customers During a Major System Outage

Man waiting at an airport gate

Recently, two large airline carriers experienced major system outages that resulted in the delay or cancellation of thousands of flights. With millions of stranded travelers seeking resolutions, each company’s customer service line wait times surged, resulting in even greater customer frustration. For companies of all sizes, technology systems can sometimes malfunction and interrupt or suspend […]

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5 Things We Can Learn From Amazon’s Approach to Customer Service

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Amazon.com started 20 years ago selling books online out of Jeff Bezos’ garage. It is now valued at $250 billion, with its stock soaring 70% in the final nine months of 2015. While these facts are undeniably fascinating and enviable, the biggest attribute to their success is their incomparable customer service. According to USA Today, […]

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10 Tips for Motivating Call Center Agents – Part II

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There are some jobs that are just harder than others and call center agents have a difficult role to fill. On a daily basis, they have the challenge of calming frustrated and angry customers, often while lacking the tools and respect found in other job opportunities. In yesterday’s blog post, we gave tips #1-5 for helping […]

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10 Tips for Motivating Call Center Agents – Part I

woman with a headset

Every job has its ups and downs, and call center agents are no exception. In fact, Russell Huebsch reports in the Houston Chronicle that, “Across the entire industry, call centers replace 26 percent of their front-line agents annually… Actual turnover rates vary by sector within the industry and the classification of an employee may affect […]

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