Workforce compliance management with Talkdesk Guardian.

Talkdesk Guardian is a cloud compliance application that uses artificial intelligence to help contact centers maintain compliance and reduce risk. It is one of the Talkdesk workforce management solutions for streamlining contact center operations.

Guardian Mitigate The Risks Of Distributed Workforce

The intelligent foundation for the digital customer experience.

Talkdesk Guardian™ is a native cloud compliance application that helps contact centers mitigate the risks of a distributed workforce. With Talkdesk AI for every day—a built-in AI layer—Guardian learns from historical activity patterns to create a baseline of user behaviors, flag unexpected events, and recommends next best actions to keep your contact center secure.

Automate Compliance And Ensure Adherence

Gain better visibility over user activity and network performance.

Uncover operational inefficiencies and potential compliance issues you didn’t know you had. Oversee remote agents with confidence by knowing who is logged in and the quality of their connections.

Inconsistent Behavior Monitoring

Monitor inconsistent behavior.

Ensure your remote workforce is not a drag on system performance and complies with business processes and regulations.

Virtual Agent Around The Clock


Combat insider threats.

Learn how to protect your contact center from data leakage, improper data access, and misuse of company assets.

Optimize System Performance

Act faster and more effectively.

Automate compliance, prevent network issues from affecting operations, and intelligently route calls to agents with the strongest network connections.


Talkdesk Workforce Compliance Management features.

Agent profiles

Build detailed agent profiles in real time to better understand the strengths and areas of improvement needed across your distributed workforce.


What is compliance management?

Compliance management means that a company is taking measures to establish and maintain compliance throughout the organization. Activities such as working with vendors who prioritize security, practicing risk management within external-facing departments such as contact centers, and automating security best practices can help to ensure compliance across the entire organization.

Why is workplace compliance important?

Workplace compliance means that risk management is an ongoing practice across the entire organization. It means that the business is proactively monitoring department activities, adhering to compliance requirements, and ensuring that employees follow good security practices. Tools such as Talkdesk Guardian can help your company establish excellent workplace compliance by automatically monitoring your contact center.

Why should you use Talkdesk workforce compliance management?

Talkdesk Guardian, an automated workforce compliance management solution, makes it easier for companies to keep up with contact center compliance requirements. This native cloud compliance application uses artificial intelligence to learn from historical activity patterns and create a baseline of user behaviors. Using this knowledge, Guardian flags unexpected events and recommends the next best actions, to reduce risk and save time.

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