Talkdesk AI Trainer: Making AI safe and effective.

A human-in-the-loop tool that empowers business users to train and fine-tune AI models used in contact centers, while providing ultimate control and visibility.

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Use AI responsibly with human-in-the-loop technology.

Talkdesk AI Trainer™ equips customers with tools to observe, simulate, and put guardrails on AI, according to their needs. This way, generative AI can be used responsibly, preventing AI mishaps, and protecting the brand from potentially poor AI experiences.

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"What really stands out is Talkdesk's commitment to delivering responsible AI. Built-in visibility and guardrails that I can control, without needing a team of data scientists, is a game-changer that maximizes our opportunities with AI, turning our telephony cost center into a profit center."

Ken Cohen SVP Sales & Business Development at JK Moving

Train Ai Without Needing Ai Training Yourself

Train AI without needing AI training yourself.

Make AI more reliable and cost-effective by training it in seconds—not hours or days. AI Trainer automatically generates intents and training phrases based on defined business needs.

"By lowering the barrier to AI adoption in contact centers, Talkdesk AI Trainer is revolutionizing the way companies implement, maintain and customize their AI models for automation."

Charanya Kannan Chief Product Officer at Talkdesk

Gain Full Visibility And Control Over Ai

Gain full visibility and control over AI.

Use generative AI effectively and safely with pre-built dashboards. Easily spot biases, hallucinations, and improvement opportunities.

Put Guardrails On Ai, According To Your Needs

Put guardrails on AI, according to your needs.

Guide AI using simple rules, see how it works in simulations based on past interactions, then put it into action.

"AI has game changing potential but AI systems are not perfect. Human in the loop AI training can fill in the gaps that machines might miss. In this new AI era, Talkdesk continues to deliver state of the art products that will decrease cost and improve CX."

Zeus Kerravala Principal Analyst at ZK Research


Training AI refers to the process of teaching AI systems, such as machine learning models, to perform specific tasks or make predictions by exposing them to data and adjusting their internal parameters or algorithms based on that data. During training, the model is exposed to the prepared data. It learns from the data by adjusting its internal parameters or weights to make accurate predictions or classifications. This is typically done through techniques like supervised learning, unsupervised learning, or reinforcement learning, depending on the nature of the task.

One way that Talkdesk AI trainer can be used is to improve the accuracy of virtual agent responses. If the user is using Talkdesk AI knowledge base, the Talkdesk AI trainer can also be used to improve the accuracy of responses that the knowledge base provides to the agent.

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