Talkdesk AI Trainer, providing automation for contact centers.

Ai Trainer Trends

Automation made better with human-in-the-loop technology.

Improve Machine Learning Models Without Data Scientists

Improve machine learning models without specialized data scientists.

"By lowering the barrier to AI adoption in contact centers, Talkdesk AI Trainer is revolutionizing the way companies implement, maintain and customize their AI models for automation."

Charanya Kannan Chief Product Officer, Talkdesk

Resolve More Through Ai Automation

Resolve more cases through automation.

Ai Trainer Empower Customer Service Agents

Empower customer service agents to join the era of AI.

"AI has game changing potential but AI systems are not perfect. Human in the loop AI training can fill in the gaps that machines might miss. In this new AI era, Talkdesk continues to deliver state of the art products that will decrease cost and improve CX."

Zeus Kerravala Principal Analyst at ZK Research

Talkdesk AI Trainer features.

Intent training
Speech-to-text training
Manage custom vocabulary

Customers love Talkdesk.

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