Generative AI-powered routing with Talkdesk Navigator.

Talkdesk Navigator supercharges routing with generative AI. It autonomously manages and prioritizes incoming voice and digital inquiries based on real-time context and automatically delivers the ideal experience for every customer, every time.

Voice Switchboard Navigator

Seamless, AI-powered customer journeys.

Talkdesk Navigator makes it simple to create new, as well as improve existing, customer journeys, providing brands with intuitive, conversational, and context-aware interaction orchestration. Customers simply tell Talkdesk Navigator what they need or want to accomplish in their own words, without being forced into complex, rigid, and frustrating interactive voice response (IVR) menus.

Navigator Natural Conversation

Natural conversation.

Let customers express themselves. With no training, Talkdesk Navigator is able to converse naturally with the customer, understand their request, and deliver the ideal customer experience, every time.

Customer Journey Navigator Voice Smart

Unprecedented efficiency.

Empower administrators with seamless AI conversations. Eliminate the tedious setup and iterations required to build natural, efficient customer experiences.

Simply Designed Smart Effective Customer Journeys

Unified experience.

Accessed via Talkdesk Studio—a low-code visual flow designer—administrators can easily inject generative AI into existing flows or use Talkdesk Navigator to build new ones.

Multilinguistic Voice Smart


Define intent topics in only one language and Talkdesk Navigator can kick off flows in any language, without needing to train the model.

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