Meet your customers where they are with Talkdesk Omnichannel Engagement.

Provide seamless and personalized customer experiences across voice and digital channels with omnichannel customer engagement—all from a single pane of glass.

Customer Engagement Omnichannel

Engage with your customers on their terms with Talkdesk Omnichannel Engagement.

Your customers demand great service. They don’t think about channels, they just want a great brand experience. Talkdesk Omnichannel Engagement is an integrated suite of intelligent, intuitive solutions that allow you to engage with customers on their channel of choice, all while personalizing interactions, preserving conversation context and effortlessly elevating conversations across channels.

Virtual Agent Around The Clock

Connect with clarity.

Engage your customers with crystal-clear voice quality, unmatched reliability, and personalization that lets your brand shine.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Meet your customers where they are.

Grow customer loyalty through an exceptional digital customer engagement experience. With Talkdesk Digital Engagement, businesses can seamlessly engage with customers anywhere, anytime across SMS, chat, email, and social messaging. Personalized, context-driven support, quicker response times, and increased convenience build stronger relationships, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive business growth in today’s digital-driven landscape.

Air Business Customer White

"Talkdesk’s Digital Engagement platform allows us to communicate with customers across multiple channels at the click of a button. Having all customer engagements in one space really helps us deliver a great customer experience, and the implementation was extremely straightforward as well!"

Joshua Quelch Technical Support Executive at Air Business

Simply Designed Smart Effective Customer Journeys

Orchestrate smart and effective customer journeys. Simply designed.

Drive high customer satisfaction with frictionless omnichannel customer experiences. Talkdesk Studio™, a user-friendly designer makes it easy to build menus and routing flows for any channel.. Intelligently route calls and seamlessly elevate them to digital conversations as a single interaction with a point, click, publish mechanism and a powerful routing engine that gets your customer to the right agent the first time.

Engage Proactively

Engage proactively.

With Talkdesk Proactive Outbound Engagement™, proactively connect with current and prospective customers, tripling or quadrupling connect rates over manual dialing. Use Talkdesk Proactive Notifications™ to automatically send personalized, relevant, and timely notifications via phone or SMS in a fully agentless mode.

With Talkdesk Preview & Power Dialer for Salesforce™ you’ll have native preview and power dialing capabilities right from within Salesforce in a seamlessly integrated environment.

Hear how Serta Simmons Bedding transforms the customer experience.

Serta Simmons Bedding Michaud Rita Retail
Omnichannel Copilot Make Agents Better

Make every agent your best agent.

Deliver great personalized customer experiences every single time by empowering your agents with Talkdesk Copilot™ that listens, learns, and helps with every single conversation.

Serve Customers Outside The Contact Center

Serve customers outside the contact center.

When serving the customer requires expertise outside the contact center, seamlessly consult or conference with outside locations like brick-and-mortar retail stores or bank branches.

Exceptional Cx Begins With Better Feedback

Exceptional CX begins with better customer feedback.

Talkdesk Feedback™ puts the voice of the customer at the heart of the contact center. Easily create and deploy surveys on any channel to capture, analyze, and act on customer feedback. Gain the insights you need to discover trends, identify opportunities and pain points, and make informed decisions that lead to happier, more loyal customers.

Canon Customer

"We were looking for a solution that is reliable and flexible, that we could implement anywhere, anytime without any big changes in our infrastructure. We selected Talkdesk."

Wijnanda Benneker Project Manager at Canon Europe


Omnichannel customer engagement is the seamless interaction between a business and a consumer across multiple channels and devices. The goal of this approach is to create a consistent and personalized experience for customers throughout their journey by maintaining relative context throughout. By integrating channels like social media, email, chat, and in-store interactions, businesses can build stronger relationships with customers and enhance overall satisfaction. Emphasizing omnichannel strategies helps companies adapt to the evolving preferences of modern consumers and deliver exceptional service at every touchpoint.

Omnichannel customer engagement is a strategic approach that focuses on delivering personalized experiences to customers across multiple channels, including mobile, web, and in-store. By implementing an effective omnichannel strategy, businesses can enhance the customer experience, increase sales, and drive traffic.

As customers increasingly choose to interact with businesses on multiple channels, businesses must implement technology that can deliver a holistic omnichannel experience throughout the entire customer journey. Consider a scenario where a customer initiates a conversation with a company’s virtual agent on their website. As the interaction progresses, the customer needs more help with their inquiry and seamlessly switches to a chat with a live agent to continue the conversation. Later, they need to be on the go and elevate the conversation to a phone call for further assistance. To end the interaction, the customer receives an email with a summary of the conversation. This exemplifies the power of our integrated omnichannel customer engagement system, which ensures a consistent and personalized customer experience across multiple channels, enhancing customer satisfaction and building lasting relationships.

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