Integrate Talkdesk with best of breed digital channel solutions from our AppConnect partners

Meet Your Customers Anywhere

Engage with customers and prospects through the channel they prefer. Retain conversation context and personalize interactions even if interactions begin in one channel and end in another.

Engage with Customers in Their Preferred Channel

Increase satisfaction by having meaningful conversations with customers through the channels they prefer. Talkdesk and our digital partners enable you to provide integrated customer support through SMS, live chat, social messaging and more. Customers will receive a personalized experience regardless of which channel they choose.

See Actionable Insights Across All Channels

Gain a complete understanding of your team’s performance by viewing metrics for all communication channels in one central dashboard. With a wide range of out-of-the-box reports, you can drill down into individual channels to identify trends and additional areas for improvement.

Better Manage Your Omnichannel Agents

With Talkdesk’s best-in-breed workforce management (WFM) partners, you can automatically generate optimal schedules for your team according to channel, agent skill, location and more. Powerful intraday management tools ensure that you have real-time visibility into your agents’ activities across channels.

Some of Our Omnichannel Partners

Experience the Most Innovative Cloud Contact Center Platform

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