Orchestrate your customer’s omnichannel journey with Talkdesk Studio™

Optimize channels for maximum capacity, provide self-service options for your customers, and increase first-contact resolutions with advanced customer journey orchestration software.

Orchestration And Routing

Design smart and effective customer journeys with orchestration software.

Ditch the complexity of creating flows and gain control of the customer journey. With intuitive design and user-friendly customer journey orchestration tools, Talkdesk Studio empowers non-technical users to map out flow structures and automate interactions so you can reduce IT costs and scale services from day one. Incorporate data from integrated systems such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to define routing based on specific context. Ensure a frictionless self-service and assisted customer experience by effortlessly integrating AI-powered virtual agents to provide human-like support and easily escalate to a live agent if needed—designed with clicks, not code.

Talkdesk Omnichannel Frictionless Studio

Streamline customer journeys with intelligent orchestration.

Ensure customers are effortlessly connected to the right agent and reduce wait times across all channels with customer journey orchestration made simple. Seamlessly route calls, chats, and more,  delivering interactions based on a blend of context, business rules, agent expertise, availability, or topic.

Talkdesk Omnichannel Visual Flow Designer Point Click Publish Studio

Design custom journeys for a seamless customer experience.

Customers get frustrated when navigating complex IVR menus or getting transferred from one agent to another. Talkdesk Studio lets you visualize the exact flow structure and outcome of any stage of the customer journey and uses real-time error checking that alerts you to potential issues. Create your perfect combination of IVR scripts, menus, routing, and custom options to guarantee a seamless and frustration-free customer experience.

"Everything within Talkdesk Studio is drag and drop, so people don't have to know any code or have exceptional technical skills to make changes. This capability allows us to continue operating, even when the unexpected happens."

Doron Pryluk SVP of Customer Experience at Glasses USA parent company Optimax

Talkdesk Omnichannel Pre Packaged Library Powerful Components Studio

Maximize efficiency with a pre-packaged library of powerful components.

A rich library of ‘plug-and-play’ components simplifies customer journey orchestration. From seamless CRM data dips to engaging audio prompts and automated messages, Talkdesk Studio empowers you to create dynamic and personalized customer experiences with agility.

Talkdesk Customer EmployBridge

"With Talkdesk, we can easily make IVR changes on the fly without consulting a user manual. The ability to self-design and build intelligent workflows is making us more efficient, enabling us to serve more customers with less effort and faster than before."

Dale Sturgill VP of Call Center Operations, Employbridge

Increase Generative Ai Connect Autopilot

Increase customer self-service rate with generative AI.

Minimize IVR complexity for your customers and help them faster by integrating Talkdesk Autopilot™.  AI understands customers’ conversational prompts and questions and provides human-like support. Autopilot comes pre-designed to handle common customer service scenarios and simply plugs into your IVR flows for rapid implementation.

Talkdesk Powerful Engine Studio

IVR integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, & more.

Connect Studio to outside systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, and others. Leverage third-party data to make intelligent routing decisions using all of the customer context you have. Out-of-the-box connectors speed up integration, providing you with immediate value.


Customer journey orchestration is a powerful tool that allows businesses to gain complete control over each customer interaction in the contact center. It proactively influences outcomes by providing insights into the customer’s identity, purpose of contact, and journey stage. In a simpler way, it lets companies understand who the customer is, why they’re reaching out, and where they are in their journey. This control empowers businesses to make informed decisions, provide the right information during interactions, and continuously refine strategies to keep improving the overall experience for customers.

In a scenario where a customer reaches out to a company for support, with customer journey orchestration in action, the system recognizes the customer’s identity, understands the reason for the inquiry, and efficiently directs it to the right agent or automated solution. This way, customer journey orchestration ensures a seamless and personalized resolution, enhancing the overall quality of customer interactions.

Creating a customer journey with Talkdesk Studio is an intuitive and straightforward process. Utilizing our interactive visual designer, you can effortlessly design and customize customer journeys using a drag-and-drop mechanism. This user-friendly interface allows you to seamlessly connect different elements, such as IVR scripts, menus, and routing options, without the need for extensive technical expertise. With Talkdesk Studio, you can easily create dynamic and personalized voice and digital customer journeys, streamlining interactions and optimizing the overall customer experience.

Customers love Talkdesk.

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