Talkdesk Agent Workspace for better visibility.

Accelerate resolution time, boost productivity, and simplify customer interactions with a unified agent workspace interface. With direct access to all vital customer applications and data, agents can efficiently deliver great support.

Omnichannel Agent Experience Agent Desktop

Exceptional customer service starts with an exceptional agent workspace.

Talkdesk Agent Workspace simplifies customer service, combining all essential CX applications and information agents need in one user-friendly interface. Pre-designed workspaces for specific industries come with integrations that surface essential customer data accessible from any device. AI automates manual tasks and provides agents with laser-precise answers to customer questions, step-by-step guidance to complete business processes, and recommended next-best actions, helping them resolve issues quickly and correctly.

Workspace Consistent Experience

Improve agent performance with customer conversation solutions.

Talkdesk Agent Workspace is a single unified interface where agents can manage all voice and digital customer conversations. As an interaction begins, the agent is equipped with customer information (such as their location, account details, and orders), along with a history of prior conversations, including any context from interactions with virtual agents. During the conversation, Talkdesk Copilot™ AI listens, learns, and delivers laser-precise answers and recommendations to the agent to speed up handle times, reduce after-call work, and make your agents’ jobs easier.

Omnichannel Agent Experience Workspace Unparalleled Agent Productivity

Enhance agent experience and unleash unparalleled agent productivity.

With direct access to customer experience tools in one user-friendly interface, agents don’t have to context-switch between different applications. Agent Workspace makes it easy to seamlessly transition between handling live interactions, managing voicemails, completing after-call work, trading shifts with colleagues, or requesting coaching from supervisors—everything needed to stay engaged throughout the employee lifecycle.

Omnichannel Agent Experience Workspace Single Pane Of Glass

Improve agent workflows with an intuitive user interface.

Reduce onboarding time and quickly develop power agents with a consistent, intuitive user experience across every Talkdesk application. Organize and customize the Agent Workspace to prioritize applications, surface relevant information, and integrate specific data—no code needed. Interfaces can even be customized to specific agent types or teams, based on their role, employment status, or skill set, optimizing agent workflows with quick access to the exact tools and data they need.

"I can add an agent in 15 seconds, and there is no learning curve. We already hire agents who want to provide an excellent customer experience. They don’t have to waste time thinking about how to use Talkdesk. It just works."

Megan Hamilton Customer Service Manager, Zumiez

Omnichannel Agent Experience Quick Setup Salesforce

Integrate and automate your CX workflows.

Enable greater efficiency with our AppConnect marketplace and more than 70 out-of-the-box integrations, including with leading enterprise systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Zendesk, and ServiceNow.

Sync contact information, update records, and automatically create cases and tickets directly from your Agent Workspace.

Omnichannel Agent Experience Workspace Accessible Everywhere From Any Device

Optimized for a distributed workforce.

Empower your agents to work from anywhere, on any device. Log in using any web browser, access an easy-to-install desktop client via single sign-on, or download Conversations Mobile App™ for on-the-go sales and support teams.


An agent workspace is a centralized platform that provides customer service agents with a unified interface, enabling them to efficiently manage customer interactions, access relevant information, and leverage multiple tools within a single place.

An agent workspace offers multiple benefits, from streamlined workflows to improved efficiency and enhanced productivity. With a unified interface, agents can easily access all customer information, CX applications, and tools, reducing response times, minimizing errors, and ultimately providing an enhanced customer experience.

A customer service agent should possess excellent communication skills, empathy, and problem-solving abilities. A strong understanding of the products and services they support, active listening, and adaptability are essential skills to ensure effective and positive customer interactions.

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