Never let a conversation go unresolved with a customer service ticketing system.

Enhance customer experience and drive positive business outcomes with Talkdesk Cases™—an omnichannel support ticket system that keeps conversations streamlined and effective.

Ticketing System

Keep track, collaborate, and resolve complex customer conversations with a comprehensive ticketing system.

When it comes to customer support, the resolution of issues often requires more than one conversation. With Talkdesk Cases, you can effortlessly keep the conversation going until the customer query is fully resolved. Incorporate this powerfully simple ticketing system into your Talkdesk Digital Engagement™ solution to empower your customer service team in delivering personalized omnichannel experiences at scale.

Support Conversations From Start Finish

Support conversations from start to finish with an advanced ticketing system.

Customer support just got a lot easier with Talkdesk Cases, a digital engagement feature that gives access to all conversations and past interactions of a customer within a support ticket system. Consolidating every customer conversation in a single tool ensures conversations are never lost or delayed, helps you meet SLAs, and improves the customer experience.

Boost Collaboration

Boost collaboration and streamline your workflow with built-in ticketing.

Enable your service, sales, and support teams to work together in a single omnichannel ticketing system and contact center platform. Collaborate more effectively to resolve complex customer issues faster, driving customer retention.

"Talkdesk Cases has revolutionized our customer service operations, improving our service levels by over 60%. Segmenting emails, prioritizing tasks, and adding internal notes while managing cases from a single interface have enabled our agents to respond quickly to customer inquiries and provide more personalized support."

Kalpana Thokchom Customer Experience Analyst at PayJoy

Quick Deploy Cost Effective

Consolidate your business tools and increase productivity with a single platform.

Stop the hassle of managing multiple tools with an end-to-end customer service ticketing system in your contact center solution. Equip your support teams with the tools needed to manage complex customer follow-ups—from prioritization to customer activity and context—all within a single place.

An intelligent routing system ensures fair and efficient workload distribution—and swift resolutions for your customers—by automating case assignment to agents based on availability.

Consolidate Your Business Tools Increase Productivity With Single Platform

Quick to deploy and cost-effective.

With Talkdesk Cases, you can quickly leverage your contact center data and automate tedious, redundant, and repetitive tasks, allowing your support teams to focus on delivering high-impact customer service. Experience improved time-to-value with an intuitive platform and dedicated issue tracking that removes friction from customer service workflows, speeding up resolution times and increasing customer satisfaction.

"Talkdesk Cases has enabled us to monitor our SLAs, optimize essential team workflows, and accurately assess previously unquantifiable metrics such as voicemail response time, ultimately elevating our customer experience."

Matthew Joubert Vice President, Infrastructure and Operations at Strive Business Solutions

Turn Voice To Case

Transform unresolved calls into actionable cases for proactive resolution.

Automate the generation of cases for unresolved inbound and outbound calls to facilitate tracking, prioritization, assignment, and resolution of tickets linked to customer requests. This is particularly valuable for customer interactions that require follow-up or structured collaboration among team members.

Turn Email To Case

Streamline customer interactions by converting unresolved emails in cases.

Automatically generate a case when customers send in emails to ensure every email gets handled and complex conversations can be resolved quickly.

Turn Your Customer Service Ticketing System Data Into Cx Excellence

Turn your customer service ticketing system data into CX excellence.

Empower customer service teams with actionable insights for key metrics—covering everything from caseload to tracking and adhering to SLAs—to improve the overall customer experience.


A customer service ticketing system is a centralized platform designed to manage and track complex customer inquiries and requests that may require collaboration among team members or additional information, ensuring a systematic and practical resolution process.

Both CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and a ticketing system focus on customer interactions, yet they serve different purposes. A CRM primarily manages customer relationships, storing comprehensive customer information and interactions. In contrast, a ticketing system specifically handles and tracks individual customer inquiries, retaining context from all interactions to ensure a structured approach for resolution and collaboration among support teams.

A ticketing system plays an essential role in the customer service end-to-end journey by providing a centralized solution for managing inquiries, issues, and requests. This integration adds significant value by streamlining workflows, ensuring efficient collaboration, and contributing to overall customer satisfaction through an all-in-one solution.

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