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Talkdesk offers an easy, affordable cloud contact center solution for small and mid-sized businesses

The Contact Center Built for Your Growing Business

Providing a great customer experience doesn’t have to be complex. The little things go a long way, and the big things can turn a happy customer into a brand advocate for life. With the right tools at your fingertips, achieving this is as easy as pressing 1 for sales and 2 for support. Talkdesk’s cloud contact center is easy to implement and easy to use, so you can get up and running right away. We help growing businesses like yours thrive in the new era of customer experience.

Ditch the Complexity

Your business moves fast, so you need tools that keep up. Talkdesk is designed for a simple and seamless experience — from initial deployment to day-to-day operations and beyond.

  • Implement your entire contact center in a matter of days
  • Easily administer Talkdesk without the help of IT
  • Ramp agents with little or no training on a simple, modern interface
  • See exactly what’s happening in your contact center with flexible analytics
  • Unify voice and digital channels in one simple tool
  • Instantly take advantage of new features and functionality

Turn Agent Fatigue into Agent Efficiency

Your agents are best utilized when they’re helping solve customer needs. Talkdesk makes it possible to reduce manual, repetitive tasks, so agents are free to focus on providing a great experience.

  • Deflect simple, rote inquiries with 24/7 self-service chatbots, knowledge base and IVR
  • Configure time-saving automations, such as synchronizing data or automatically triggering events in your CRM based on contact center activity
  • Use AI to analyze calls in real time and proactively assist agents with recommended responses

Double Down on Internal Communication

Your business is running at its best when all teams — not just those that are customer-facing — are communicating effectively. Talkdesk thrives as a back office phone system for internal IT, HR, marketing and finance teams.

  • Easily connect employees in different organizations with warm and blind transfers
  • Intelligently route employees to the right stakeholder in the right department
  • Get new teams up and running with Talkdesk in minutes
  • Keep on-the-go employees in sync with the business with Talkdesk Mobile

"We tested other systems, but it quickly became clear Talkdesk would bring forth significant benefits as we continued to rapidly grow."


Integrate with Your Favorite Business Tools

You’re already using a suite of cloud solutions, but are they all talking to each other? Talkdesk deeply integrates with modern business tools, including Salesforce, Zendesk and Slack, to put contextual customer information at your agents’ fingertips.

  • Eliminate agents having to access multiple screens by consolidating all relevant data in one place
  • Automate actions between Talkdesk and your CRM or support tool, such as creating a ticket or updating a case as soon as a call comes in
  • Alert agents in your collaboration tool when key contact center events — such as long call queues — occur
  • Keep agents in the tool they work out of most by accessing Talkdesk contact center functionality directly in Salesforce or Zendesk

Scale Your Contact Center with Your Business

Rely on a contact center investment that meets your needs now — and in the future. Talkdesk offers enterprise-grade capabilities that support your journey from contact center to customer engagement center.

  • Add and ramp up new agents at a moment’s notice
  • Scale anywhere by leveraging Talkdesk’s nine global data centers
  • Integrate with 50+ business tools using clicks — not code
  • Leverage AppConnect to instantly extend the capabilities of your contact center
  • Accurately staff for the volume you have — ditch the spreadsheets for AI-powered workforce management

One Solution for all Your Needs

Experience the Cloud Contact Center for Innovative Enterprises

Request a free demo and we will help you create your contact center today, complete with CRM integrations and settings configuration.

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