Live Dashboards

Turn real-time analytics into great customer service performance. 

Instant View of Performance for Faster Data-Driven Decisions

Make timely and better-informed decisions to drive contact center performance with Talkdesk Live. Customize dashboards, set alarms and share live performance metrics to track your KPIs in real-time and motivate teams to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Act in Real-Time

Identify trends, detect performance pitfalls and take action instantly allocating resources to provide the best experience for your customers.

"Agents can see what’s happening at a glance and work together to meet SLAs and improve customer satisfaction. In fact, after implementing Talkdesk, service levels have improved 15% and calls are answered in less than a minute."


Ensure Quality & Performance

Set meaningful alarms to monitor call performance at all times. Drop into calls in real-time to coach agents or talk to customers directly ensuring superior results even in challenging interactions.

Display What Matters

Get the visibility on the KPIs you need like service level, abandon rate, wait time, handle time and many other to make informed decisions on the fly. Create your own dashboards and customize visualizations to supervise performance at all times.

Motivate Your Team

Stimulate a performance-driven culture by giving your team constant visibility into their results against objectives in real-time.

Talkdesk Live Features

Pre-Built Dashboards

Leverage a library of pre-built dashboards to quickly visualize the most relevant insights.

Custom Dashboards

Create fully customized dashboards with only a few clicks.

Wallboard Mode

Display all your relevant metrics for everyone to see on any screen.

Real-Time Alerts

Don’t miss a single issue by setting conditional rules for real-time alerts.

Agent Monitoring

Gather essential information regarding each interaction and drop-in on live calls to coach agents in real-time with Call Barging.

Live API

Drive customer experience excellence by integrating real-time contact center data in your core systems (e.g., CRM, BI).

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