Customer Engagement

Outbound Dialer

Talkdesk’s Outbound Dialer improves agent connect rates and drives more proactive customer engagement.

Make Customer Connections That Count

Your outbound call center strategy can be the key to improving customer loyalty and retention, accelerating new customer acquisition, driving operational efficiency and reducing cost. Outbound Dialer empowers your organization with both agent-assisted and agentless modes, across both voice and digital channels, for more personalized, proactive customer engagement.

Maximize Productivity with Predictive Dialing

Predictive dialing can increase the number of outbound calls reps make by 200-300%. Drive more revenue by bumping connect rates from 5 to 15 an hour!

This productivity comes from the ability to intelligently pace outbound call volume and filter out unproductive calls, such as voicemail, busy signals and no answers.

Manage Campaigns With Ease

In keeping with Talkdesk’s “enterprise power, consumer simplicity” philosophy, you can deploy campaigns in minutes and manage them with familiar Talkdesk usability – no special skills needed.

Upload and Manage Lists Multiple Ways

Setting up your calling list is a snap. You can upload a CSV file or push records from Salesforce, other CRM or business system via an API. Web leads can be inserted into a running campaign and dialed immediately, so you win the race on a hot lead.

Pace Your Productivity with Salesforce Dialer Integration

With Salesforce Dialer integration, your reps can focus on the connections that count. Reps can dial down a list sequentially (power and preview dialing options) to keep an efficient cadence of outbound interactions and avoid the inefficiency of manual click-to-calling.

Deliver Automated, Proactive Notifications

Proactive, personalized and automated communications via voice or SMS creates stronger customer relationships while decreasing inbound call volume and saving money. It’s the perfect tool for fraud alerts, appointment reminders, shipping status updates, delivery confirmations and much more.

Fully Integrated with Talkdesk Capabilities

Take advantage of powerful Talkdesk capabilities to augment your outbound campaigns, including Workspace integration, advanced call monitoring, CRM integration, unified reporting, and more.

Outbound Dialer Features

List Management

Ensure reps are connecting with the right prospects at the right time. CSV uploads or push records from your CRM via API.

Campaign Management

Run multiple campaigns at once, each with its own strategy and settings.

Dialing Management

Define the best time to reach out to your audience, across multiple timezones. Stay both compliant and productive.

Advanced Reporting

All attempts, record and campaign reporting is available via Talkdesk Explore.

Seamless Salesforce Dialer Integration

Dial down a list to keep an efficient cadence of outbound interactions and avoid the inefficiency of manual dialing.

Voice and SMS Notifications

Send proactive notifications using either phone or SMS channels.

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