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Talkdesk Agent maximizes agent flexibility and productivity with a fully-integrated web dialer

Empower Your Agents to Deliver Great CX

Talkdesk Agent provides the personalized, productive connection between your agents and your customers. All the information your agents need to deliver a great customer experience is at their fingertips, including CRM data and real-time customer context from every digital interaction. And since Talkdesk Agent is mobile-enabled, your agents can deliver a great customer experience anytime, anywhere!

Always Accessible

As a freestanding app, Talkdesk Agent is anywhere your agents need it to be. Leverage click-to-call from any website and receive alerts whenever calls are received. Talkdesk Agent eliminates the need to search through browser tabs, ensuring that agents never miss a call.

Start Instantly

Talkdesk Agent takes only seconds to download and requires no configuration. With its intuitive interface, agents can get started without any training, saving time and money. Simply log in to your Talkdesk account and begin making and receiving calls.

Seamlessly Integrated

Enjoy a deep integration with Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow and other leading CRMs using the Talkdesk Agent CTI. The app allows for screen pops and continues to log calls and notes directly to your CRM or helpdesk solution, even when you are working elsewhere.

Context Connected

Collect real-time data from your customers’ digital experiences to drive personalized conversations and increase agent productivity.

"The average agent spends 15% of their time searching for the information across disparate systems to respond to customer inquiries. This results in a lost cost of productivity of $1.57 million each year for a 300-seat contact center."

Aberdeen Group

Mobile Ready for a Mobile Workforce

Access all Talkdesk Agent features and functionality using your mobile phone or tablet. Perfect for after-hours, at home and part-time service and sales scenarios. No other solution supports mobile workers like Talkdesk.

"I like how simple and easy the product is both in the Talkdesk Agent and the web portal. It's great to be able to work anywhere and quickly take care of things with our customers."

D Nelson, Weave

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