Talkdesk Omnichannel

Drive customer engagement and loyalty by interacting with customers on their preferred communication channel.

The tides of customer
communication are changing.

In order to deliver a truly superior support experience, businesses must now consider both the content and the context of a customer interaction.

The Value of an Omnichannel Support Experience


How quickly must the customer’s issue be addressed?


How emotionally invested is the customer in the issue?

The best support experiences occur in the channel most well-suited to resolving the customer's individual inquiry. To determine what the most appropriate channel is for a particular interaction, it is helpful to plot it along the Urgency-Emotion Axis.

Different interactions require different communication channels. Talkdesk Omnichannel empowers you to meet your customers on their level, whether it be through voice, SMS or video. Switch seamlessly between channels at any point during an interaction to provide the fastest resolution for your customers.

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