Intelligent Routing


Collect real-time data from your customers’ digital experiences to drive more personalized conversations and increase agent productivity

The Context Blindspot

Most contact center engagements start from a digital experience in which your customer is trying to resolve an issue on their mobile phone or computer. When self-service fails, they call. Unfortunately, the agent has no view into the digital activity and your customer has to repeat themselves, creating a frustrating, negative customer experience.

Context provides contact centers with real-time information about customers’ mobile app and website activity to empower agents to have more intelligent and seamless conversations.

A Seamless Experience for Customers

Context collects key contextual background information such as location and pages viewed for each user. Beyond that, additional information can be captured via a callback request form that is easily embedded in any app or browser. Talkdesk intelligently routes every request to the most capable rep based on context data to reduce response time and deliver a seamless transition from digital to live agent experience.

Key Contextual Data for Reps

When a customer calls in, the contextual data that is captured from their in-app or website activity is presented to the agent in Talkdesk Callbar®. This allows the agent to quickly identify and authenticate the caller, while also offering insights into what that customer may be calling about. With Context, agents can also quickly access the caller’s information in a CRM or custom system of record to further personalize the call.

Simple Deployment for Developers

Developers implementing Context can use a simple, lightweight snippet of code to get it up and running in your app. Deploying the SDK on iOS, Android or through easy to use API calls takes just minutes and the callback request form is completely customizable. Change the look and feel of the form to fit your branding and deliver a consistent customer experience. The callback form can even be further tailored with custom fields if additional customer needs to be captured.

Significant Cost Savings Every Year

Context Mobile gives agents insights into a customer’s in-app and website activity, enabling them to have more productive and personalized conversations. Agents will improve efficiency by spending less time handling each support inquiry.

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