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Call Center Software Features

Today, most customers first contact a company through a website, mobile app, device or some other digital channel. When their needs are not met, they contact a company on a live-interaction channel -- voice or chat. While enterprises have focused on digital transformation in every other area of the business, the core of the contact center has remained stuck.

Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center empowers companies to make customer experience their competitive advantage. With enterprise-class cloud call center software performance and consumer-like ease of use, Talkdesk easily adapts to the evolving needs of sales and support teams and their end-customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, productivity and cost savings. Over 1,400 innovative enterprises around the world, including Discovery Education and Peloton, rely on Talkdesk to power their customer interactions.

Call Recording

Record inbound and outbound calls, pause/resume live call recordings and listen to past call recordings at any time to ensure compliance with quality standards.

Call Control

Provide a seamless and professional experience with call center software call control features such as hold, mute, blind and warm transfers and call conferencing.

Call Queues

Enhance your callers’ call queue waiting experiences with features such as queue callback, queue to voicemail and custom music and messages.


Place calls directly from your favorite helpdesk, CRM, e-commerce platform or website.

International Numbers

Acquire local and toll-free phone numbers from multiple countries or port your existing phone numbers to optimize your global business.

Call Disposition Codes and Notes

Add call summary notes and disposition codes to your call log and integrated CRM to ensure that relevant customer information is retained.

Outbound Caller ID

Leverage automatic outbound caller ID selection to increase connection rates and save your team time.


With voicemail transcription, notifications, metrics and assignment you can easily keep your finger on the pulse of your company.

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Maximize efficiency without compromising call quality with unlimited concurrent inbound and outbound calling.

Personalized Greetings

Ensure that every interaction with your company is personalized and professional with custom greetings, messages and prompts.

Business Hours

Easily configure business hours and associated call routing features to suit your evolving business needs.

Agent-to-Agent Calling

Promote collaboration within your team with one-click dialing to Talkdesk users on the same company account.

Contact Tags

Assign unique tags to your contacts to easily sort and search by tag, compile lists based on tags and quickly identify each contact by his/her tag.

Custom Fields

Keep track of relevant customer data with custom fields in contacts’ profiles.

Inbound Call Blocking

Compile a blacklist of phone numbers to ensure that bots and spam callers are disconnected immediately when they call your company.

Custom Agent Statuses

Display each agent’s status to the entire team to increase efficiency by making it clear when s/he is free to take calls.

Business Tools Integrations

Sync contact center software information with your CRM, helpdesk, chat and e-commerce platform. When you're agents are able to access relevant customer information across channels, they are able to handle issues faster and improve customer experience.

Experience the Cloud Contact Center Software for Innovative Enterprises

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