Talkdesk real-time dashboards for CX analytics.

Guarantee daily exceptional performance with real-time contact center dashboards that give you immediate insights to stay on top of service levels, optimize staffing, and proactively address emerging issues.

Dashboards Cx Analytics 2

Access real-time data for an instant overview of performance, enabling faster and better-informed data-driven decisions.

Make timely and better-informed decisions to drive contact center performance with Talkdesk Live™, a tool that enables real-time monitoring of key metrics like service level, average wait and handle time, and others. Customize your real-time dashboards, set alerts, and share live performance metrics to track your key performance indicators and motivate teams to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Powerful Cx Analytics 2

Act instantly with powerful customer experience analytics.

Identify trends, detect performance pitfalls, and take action instantly, leveraging a real-time analytics dashboard to allocate resources and provide the best experience for your customers.

Enhance Quality Performance Dashboards 2

Enhance quality and performance with real-time dashboards.

Monitor performance 24/7 across calls and digital interactions. Set custom alerts to stay on top of emerging issues. Drop into calls in real-time to coach agents or speak directly to customers, providing superior results.  Seamlessly reassign email, chat, and SMS conversations when the need arises, ensuring customer queries get addressed in a timely manner.

Display Data Visualizations 2

Display what matters with real-time data visualizations.

Get the visibility on the KPIs you need, like service level, abandon rate, wait time, inbound contacts, and more, through an intuitive graphical user interface. Create personalized real-time dashboards and customize visualizations to supervise performance at all times and make data-driven decisions.

Empower Motivate Team Data 2

Empower and motivate your team with real-time data.

Stimulate a performance-driven culture by giving your team constant visibility into their real-time results against targets. A comprehensive list of performance data metrics like service level, answered contacts, average wait, and handling time helps individuals understand how their contributions impact the overall success of the contact center and provide immediate feedback that can help with motivation and engagement.


A contact center dashboard is a centralized visual interface or platform that provides real-time and summarized information about various aspects of contact center operations. It serves as a command center for supervisors, managers, or agents, offering a comprehensive view of key metrics, performance indicators, and relevant data related to customer interactions and contact center activities.

Using a contact center dashboard offers many benefits. It provides immediate access to real-time data and key performance metrics, enabling informed decision-making by supervisors and managers. The dashboard is a comprehensive performance monitoring tool that displays essential indicators like call volume, service levels, answered contacts, and agent performance. Managers can identify trends, areas needing improvement, or operational inefficiencies, allowing for proactive measures to optimize workflows and resource allocation. Real-time insights enhance agent productivity by tracking activities, identifying coaching opportunities, and providing immediate support. Moreover, contact center dashboards are pivotal in empowering individual agents by providing transparent insights into their performance metrics, fostering a sense of accountability, and creating a data-driven environment that can boost motivation and job satisfaction. Customizable features cater to specific needs, aligning organizational goals and strategies. Ultimately, contact center dashboards empower management with valuable insights, fostering proactive management and elevating operational efficiency and customer service standards.

You should monitor the KPIs that align most closely with your business objectives. Common KPIs tracked in contact centers include service level, measuring prompt call handling; average handle time (AHT), reflecting efficiency in call handling; abandonment rate, highlighting potential issues in wait times or call routing; agent utilization, assessing resource efficiency; customer satisfaction (CSAT) and net promoter score (NPS), gauging overall customer experience; occupancy rate, optimizing agent workload; and adherence to schedule, ensuring appropriate staffing levels.

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