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15% ↑ SLAs

Learn how Zumiez leverages Talkdesk to ensure a “mind-blowing” customer experience.

Zumiez got its start over 40 years ago in Seattle with one brick-and-mortar store selling clothing, shoes, accessories, and gear for skateboarding. Since then, they have grown to hundreds of stores and have a thriving online presence.

"With Talkdesk, I can focus on what is important to customers, instead of fighting with our phone system. Not having to worry about your technology is half the battle."

Megan Miles Customer Service Manager

They credit their success to a persistent desire of providing exceptional customer service. It’s the driving force behind everything they do. Instead of concentrating only on rapid expansion, Zumiez differentiated themselves by serving their niche audience well and has been rewarded with raving fans as a result.

Zumiez chose Talkdesk as their contact center platform to replace 8×8 to provide higher call quality, more flexible dashboards, and reports, and to empower agents to take ownership of the customer experience.

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Zumiez empowers their agents to deliver unforgettable customer experiences through Talkdesk Live, resulting in at 15% improvement of SLAs.

Customer Story Zumiez

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