Quality Management Software

Guarantee a great customer experience with every interaction

Empower Your Workforce

Provide comprehensive rep training to improve performance and increase caller satisfaction. Leverage intelligent features to get a full view into customer happiness and rep effectiveness.

Communicate More Effectively with Reps

Effortlessly monitor and track calls to ensure team members are engaging in quality conversations. Use Talkdesk for Slack to live coach reps via behind-the-scenes messaging and eliminate the need for distracting interruptions. With Talkdesk, contact center supervisors will always have a seamless way to communicate with their teams.

Effectively Evaluate Rep Performance

Boost team effectiveness by leveraging voice analytics to review calls for adherence and detect key words or phrases. With this data, managers can easily create unique call scorecards according to different team focuses and call topics. Detailed reports and dashboards provide insights into rep performance and identify new training opportunities.

Better Understand Customer Experience

Get a 360° view of your customers with Sentiment, a revolutionary new feedback system. By incorporating the traditional CSAT with a new metric, Mood, Sentiment provides a holistic measurement of customer happiness. CSAT is collected via SMS while Mood is collected directly from the agent via Callbar to maximize response rates.

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