Workforce Engagement Management

Quality Management

Improve agent performance and elevate your customer experience with holistic evaluations and actionable feedback.

Turn Every Interaction Into an Opportunity to Elevate Your CX

With Talkdesk Quality Management it’s never been easier to efficiently evaluate agent interactions, identify key areas of improvement, and provide agents with the actionable feedback they need to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Effortless Evaluations and Actionable Feedback

Evaluate customer interactions, fill out scorecards, and add time-stamped annotations for agents to review, all from a single, intuitive user interface that helps you streamline the quality management process.

Speech Analytics Helps You Focus on What Matters Most

Leverage Talkdesk Speech Analytics to automatically identify topics, sentiment, and potential compliance issues. By prioritizing key moments to evaluate, you can spend less time watching recordings and more time coaching agents.

"The average 500-agent call center in North America allocates around $2 million of staff time to coaching activities every year."


Get a Complete Picture of Every Customer Touchpoint

A combination of voice recording, agent screen activity, and omnichannel transcripts provides the context you need to holistically evaluate every interaction and provide detailed feedback to improve agent performance.

Track Agent Performance and Recognize Results

Track individual and team performance with accessible metrics that can easily be exported into other systems. Then reinforce positive behavior and reward progress through gamification and social recognition.

Unlock the Power of a Unified WEM Solution

Take advantage of a single, seamlessly integrated experience for managing, developing, and engaging your workforce with Talkdesk Quality Management, Talkdesk Guide™, Talkdesk Agent Assist™, and Talkdesk Workforce Management™.

Talkdesk Quality Management Features

Flexible Forms

Create custom forms with an intuitive editor, or save time by leveraging an extensive library of pre-built templates.

Voice and Screen Recording

Play agents’ screen and audio recordings simultaneously for a complete picture of every customer interaction.

Speech Analytics

Accelerate and scale your QM processes by effortlessly extracting insights from your interaction transcripts that help pinpoint the right moments to evaluate.

Contextualized Feedback

Elevate your feedback with specific examples by adding time-stamped comments and reactions to interaction recordings.

Metrics and Gamification

Easily track agent or team performance, and incorporate gamification to increase engagement and recognize improvement.

Seamless Coaching Experience

A single, unified platform for WEM makes it easy to assign agents content to review and schedule time for coaching.

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