Verint® Workforce Management for Talkdesk.

Improve operational efficiency and ultimately, the agent experience, with scalable, automated, and advanced workforce management capabilities.

Verint Wfm

Powerful workforce management software to optimize agent and customer experiences.

Ensure the right work gets done at the right time with Verint® Workforce Management™ for Talkdesk. Deeply integrated into Talkdesk CX Cloud™, simplify forecasting, streamline scheduling, and better manage workforce needs. In addition to core workforce management features, complex contact centers have access to powerful capabilities including enterprise-grade scale, automation, and advanced management and scheduling.

Enterprise Grade Scale Automation

Enterprise-grade scale and automation.

Manage large and complex workforces with bulk management features, what-if scenarios, and automated agent request responses, such as shift trades, time off, overtime, shift changes, and flex time.

Advanced Management Scheduling

Advanced management and scheduling.

Robust adherence and scheduling features including adherence tolerances, exception authorization, and an agent personal adherence view enable supervisors to effectively optimize and manage.

Efficient Agent Administration

Efficient agent administration.

Close integration between Talkdesk and Verint and data syncing provide continuous alignment of interaction data, agent status/adherence, agent performance, and administrative changes.

Designed for a flexible workforce.

Mobile apps for agents and supervisors empower teams to manage schedules on the go. Teams can submit, automate, and approve time off requests, task and channel switching, and shift swaps, to meet the needs of today’s flexible workforces.

Quick To Deploy And Cost Effective

Simplify workforce management across the enterprise.

With Verint Workforce Management for Talkdesk, empower teams with flexibility and ease across the enterprise. Create schedules with fewer clicks and deliver a single schedule across locations, channels, and telework to simplify WFM and improve both the employee and customer experience.

Contact center workforce management FAQs.

Contact center workforce management is a strategic approach used by contact centers to effectively manage their workforce while optimizing their operations. Workforce management solutions help ensure that exactly the right number of agents, with the right skills, are working on the right channels at any given time to handle incoming customer interactions.

Workforce optimization in contact centers is the key to delivering exceptional customer service, maximizing agent efficiency, reducing costs, and remaining competitive in the market. By leveraging skills-based routing, automated scheduling, continuous training, and data-driven insights, you can ensure that your contact center operates at its highest potential.

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