Outbound Dialer

Improve connect rates and automate tasks with a fully-integrated, intelligent dialer solution

Improve Call Quantity and Quality

Increase rep efficiency by automating the dialing process to maximize outbound call volume. Intelligent features connect reps with the right prospects at the right time.

Boost Rep Productivity

By automating the dialing process, Talkdesk enables reps to increase the number of outbound calls they make while decreasing the time it takes to place them. Additional features like voicemail drop enable reps to quickly leave prospects messages and seamlessly move on to their next conversation.

Maximize Quality Connections

Leverage intelligent list optimization to ensure reps are connecting with the right prospects at the right time. Reps will be more empowered to build quality pipeline and turn early-stage prospects into paying customers.

Integrate Seamlessly with Salesforce

Streamline rep workflows with a dialer that is fully integrated with Salesforce. Reps have access to relevant information such as opportunity details and activity history, and all calls are automatically logged to minimize manual data entry.

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