Workforce Engagement Management

Performance Management

Track agent performance, measure engagement, and gamify key contact center objectives

Engage, Motivate and Reward Agents

Track employee engagement and performance with intelligent dashboards. Gamify contact center KPIs and training. Automate team challenges to promote peer recognition and higher agent satisfaction.

Optimize Agent Performance

Uncover coaching opportunities and align agent performance targets to key KPIs.

"Talkdesk offers the right functionality and integrations to enable our agents to provide the best customer experience, and to do it efficiently."


Track Progress at a Glance

Visually monitor and compare performance for a team, site, or department in one simple dashboard.

"Engaged teams show dramatically higher job retention rates and lower absenteeism, 17% higher productivity, and contribute 21% greater profitability."

Gallup State of the American Workforce Report

Gamify Contact Center KPIs

Motivate employees to reach assigned goals with gamification, combined with social media functionality and machine learning.

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