Why and how to drive strategic growth through the contact center

Why and how to drive strategic growth through the contact center

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This playbook will equip you with tools and strategies to transform your contact center from a ‘cost center’ to a growth center.

Contact centers are often under-prioritized assets. They have been measured and managed as necessary, but unremarkable elements of the business, plagued with legacy on-premises solutions and KPIs aimed at productivity and volume. This has fueled the perception that contact centers are ‘cost centers’ in the eyes of many executives.

However, to leading CX professionals and C-Suite executives, cloud-based contact centers are game-changers. As organizations transform digitally, the potential impact of the contact center has been brought to the forefront of CX strategy goals.

The challenge now is in communicating this value to the wider organization to improve collaboration, alignment, and further investments in contact center transformation.

In this Talkdesk playbook, we examine the conventional role of the contact center and provide an end-to-end guide for CX leaders and customer-obsessed C-Suite executives to reposition the contact center as a strategic, business driving asset of their organizations.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why the contact center being viewed as a “cost center” hurts your entire organization and CX initiatives.
  • How to strategically align and measure your CX initiatives and KPIs with business goals across the enterprise.
  • How to optimize technology to support your new, growth-focused contact center.