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Talkdesk automatic call distribution and call routing software for inbound calls.

Improve call handling with our automatic call distribution software—minimize wait times, ensure seamless connections, and boost customer satisfaction by routing calls to the right resource the first time.

Customer Engagement Automatic Call Distributer

Optimize customer interactions with advanced automatic call distribution software.

Elevate customer satisfaction through every interaction with our automatic call distribution software. Transform your customer service landscape by optimizing channels, empowering customers with self-service options, and reducing call transfers. Our solution seamlessly integrates computer telephony integration (CTI) and interactive voice response (IVR) systems, ensuring the fastest and most accurate connections between customers and agents.

Retail Ecommerce Ready To Scale

Enhance call routing for swift resolutions.

Route your calls seamlessly with our call distribution software to ensure quick and efficient first-call resolutions. Intelligently handle inquiries, minimizing wait times by directing customer inquiries to the next available agent.

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Personalize customer interactions with automatic call distribution software.

Effortlessly optimize customer experiences by leveraging relevant data to influence and personalize routing decisions. Whether it’s customer names, order statuses, or other variables, our system allows you to quickly identify VIP customers and prioritize their needs. Ensure a responsive and adaptive customer experience that easily integrates information from IVR menus and CRM systems.

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"By implementing Talkdesk, a contact center solution unified globally, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Hospitality’s customers will always be able to reach someone who can support them 24/7, 365 days a year."

Marius Lauritzen Global Service Manager at ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Hospitality

Accelerate Value Delivery With Skills Based Call Routing

Accelerate value delivery with skills-based call routing.

Tailor each customer interaction with skills-based routing, ensuring your customers are connected to agents with the expertise to meet their specific needs. Our innovative automatic call distribution software allows you to make smarter routing decisions based on attributes like language proficiency and efficiency, optimizing interaction handling and providing a personalized touch to every customer interaction.

Call Monitoring Reporting Acd

Drive continuous improvement with call monitoring and reporting.

Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making with our comprehensive call monitoring and reporting features. Improve agent performance and service quality by analyzing trends, identifying areas of improvement, and optimizing call center operations. Our suite of tools, including call monitoring, conferencing, and reporting, provides supervisors with a holistic view of interactions for continuous coaching and making informed decisions to ensure better performance.

Air Business Customer White

"The support and dedication of the Talkdesk team to get us up and running was part of what sold us so quickly on the solution. Talkdesk’s technology is incredibly flexible and doesn’t require any major set up, this really gives it an edge over the competitors."

Adèle Nichols Director of Fulfillment and Customer Services at Air Business

Customers love Talkdesk.

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Automatic call distribution uses Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to direct callers to the right call center agents or departments. It improves operations by increasing first-call resolution and improving the overall customer experience. Automatic call distribution software makes it easier for companies to implement automatic call distribution measures by providing out-of-the-box CTI and IVR features for call centers.

Call routing software directs incoming phone calls to specific destinations or recipients based on predefined criteria. It uses various algorithms and rules to determine where to send an incoming call, such as routing it to the most appropriate agent, department, or location within an organization.

Interactive voice response is the external-facing side of call routing. It is the customer self-service technology that gives callers an opportunity to explain their query and/or select which department is the best fit for them. Automatic call distribution is the internal side of the same interaction. It redirects the customer’s call within the contact center, based on the information provided by IVR and other factors. Because IVR and ACD are dependent on each other, it is common to find call center software, such as Talkdesk automatic call distribution software, that offers both.

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