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ServiceNow integration—along with support from Talkdesk Live & Explore for reporting, Callbar® and Talkdesk Studio™—delivers immediate customer support impact for hospitality leader.

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Estimated 30-40% in time savings due to ServiceNow integration

Reimagines the world of hospitality.

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Hospitality has been at the forefront of driving key innovation within the hospitality industry by providing hotels with products that increase guest satisfaction, thereby increasing their overall value. They continue to use the most advanced technologies to offer security and peace of mind to both hospitality providers and their guests.

"By implementing Talkdesk, a contact center solution unified globally, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Hospitality’s customers will always be able to reach someone who can support them 24/7, 365 days a year."

Marius Lauritzen Global Service Manager, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Hospitality

The previous contact center provider could not keep up with the growing number of inbound calls and lacked the technology capabilities for intelligent call routing—all of which interfered with the ability to provide the fastest and best customer support possible. As the company continued to grow—and so did customer demand—it became time to make a switch. Talkdesk was selected because of its strong integrations, advanced reporting options and best-in-class technology capabilities that empowered agents with the right data at the right time to improve the customer experience.

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