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Seamlessly connect calls between your contact center and the rest of your organization for better CX.

Bring Teams Together Anywhere for Better Customer Service

Connect your phone system to Talkdesk’s global cloud-native contact center platform for seamless calls, transfers, conferencing and routing between the contact center and the enterprise. Promote teamwork and knowledge sharing between agents and subject matter experts to solve customer questions better and faster increasing customer satisfaction. 

Tightly Integrate With Your Cloud Phone

Easily integrate your phone system with Talkdesk for exceptional call quality and optimized interactions between your contact center and your internal communications phone solution.

Here Are Some of Our World-Class Telephony Partners

Route Calls to the Right Experts

Pair your phone system with Talkdesk to automatically detect certain calls in auto-attendant or waiting in queues and redirect them to the right specialist — inside or outside the contact center.

"Enterprises that integrate unified communications (UC) within their contact center activities grow company revenue by 2.4 times more year on year than those that don't."


Conference, Transfer and Engage

Bridge agents and back-office experts with seamless calls, transfers and conferencing, so employees can easily connect to solve problems faster and increase customer satisfaction.

Uplift Existing Investments

Leverage your current telephony infrastructure and get more from the phone system you’re already using. Keep your negotiated rates for numbers and minutes, and connect them with Talkdesk for coordinated cross-functional collaboration.

Real-time Team Messaging

Integrate Talkdesk with your collaboration solutions to connect agents with subject matter experts and trigger operational alerts to relevant workstreams.

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