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Connect your messaging tools with your contact center to optimize operations and solve customer problems faster.

Coordinate and Collaborate Your Way to Better Customer Service

Integrate your contact center and collaboration solutions to get more out of your existing investments and to easily share customer knowledge and expertise, solving customer problems faster and improving customer experience. When you bridge your tools and teams together, knowledge and expertise flow freely between all the departments in your organization helping you to deliver better service, build a better experience and promote customer-centricity throughout your company.

Provide Seamless Support

From the Agent Desktop, reps can instantly find and message peers, supervisors or subject matter experts for quick coaching that doesn’t disrupt the customer experience.

Quickly Spot and Resolve Customer Issues

Automate alerts and insights from Talkdesk into Slack or Microsoft Teams channels to escalate at-risk SLAs or triage VIP customer incidents. Real-time notifications ensure employees respond to issues and opportunities as they happen and relevant teams stay informed.

"93% of contact center professionals say Unified Communications and Team Messaging integration are key factors for contact center success."

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Foster Workforce Engagement

Increase your employees’ productivity by bringing greater functionality and flexibility into the business apps they use every day. With Talkdesk you can integrate your contact center and your collaboration tools for easier access, faster onboarding and training and stronger teamwork across departments and teams.

Create a Customer-First Culture

Real-time cross-functional collaboration orchestrates talents and expertise across the enterprise to solve customer problems and share insights, getting everyone more engaged with the heart of your business — the customers that make it possible.

Unify Your Communications

Connect your phone system and carrier to Talkdesk for seamless calls, transfers, conferencing and routing between the contact center and the enterprise.

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