Agent Assist

Agent Assist uses AI to empower agents with intelligent guidance, recommending next best actions to quickly resolve complex customer issues

Make Every Agent Your Best Agent

Deliver magical customer experiences every single time by empowering your agents with a personalized assistant that listens, learns and assists in every single conversation.

Simplify Agent Effort

Improve CSAT/NPS and reduce agent stress by eliminating search and browsing tasks, and proactively delivering information and next best actions in one simple interface.

"Agent Assist is a game-changer for achieving our goals of reducing agent and customer effort while driving customer satisfaction."

Dale Sturgill, VP Contact Center Operations, EmployBridge

Reduce manual supervision and assistance

Leverage automated assistance and reduce agent-supervisor ad-hoc interactions, giving supervisors more time to focus on workforce engagement activities.

Improve agent proficiency & accuracy

Reduce short and long term training efforts through real-time error identification; eliminate busy work with Smart Note technology; improve handle time with in-app automations.

Talkdesk Agent Assist Features

Next Best Actions & Real-time Shortcuts

Proactively provide agents with information and shortcuts based on stated customer needs and optimized outcomes.

Smart Notes & Automatic Data Entry

Systematically recognize and enter all key aspects of an interaction into the conversation notes.

In-App Automations

Perform tasks and capture customer information inside any integrated application, without ever leaving Talkdesk.

Script Adherence Monitoring

Monitor and alert agents with suggested corrections if entered information doesn't match the conversation.

Escalation Assistance

Identify interaction warning signs and suggest escalation to protect the customer experience while providing automated escalation summary points.

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