Reporting & Analytics

Live Dashboards

Talkdesk Live offers the ultimate real-time reporting and dashboard experience for contact center supervisors and agents

Make Better, Faster Data-driven Decisions

Set meaningful thresholds for your metrics and get alerted when performance falls off target. Fully customizable widgets, dashboards, and reports allow you to see important details at a glance, while Talkdesk iQ clusters and reveals trending topics for even deeper insight.

Display What Matters

Talkdesk Live displays beautifully on desktops and wallboards. Empower your team with the visibility they need to respond to changing conditions and to take charge of the customer experience.

Respond in Real-time

Talkdesk Live allows you to easily identify trends with key metrics and detect performance inconsistencies before they become widespread. Know exactly where to focus your time and resources in order to provide the best experience to your customers.

"An engaged agent is 3x more likely to take action to better serve a customer than an agent who doesn’t feel any ownership in the service experience."

McKinsey & Company

Motivate Your Team

Motivated agents are essential to the ongoing success of your call center. Talkdesk Live provides a high degree of visibility for your entire team so agents have the full picture of their performance.

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