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Another week, another step in the direction of customer service excellence. Welcome to Customer Service Excellence Review #13.

Loyal readers will know that Talkdesk rounds up customer service insights from around the web each week. The idea behind the Customer Service Excellence Review is to provide food for thought. Take a nibble of what we’re serving on this week’s platter and see if it suits your fancy.

We hope you enjoy what we’ve cooked up this week. Bon appetit!

Measuring Customer Satisfaction Shouldn’t Be Complicated

Help Scout || January 21, 2016
Help Scout provides a simple guide this week to gauging customer happiness. Instead of seeing customer satisfaction as a large, ominous entity haunting your steps, break the process down into three easily handled parts. Central to Help Scout’s advice is asking customers in a systematic way about their experiences and then calculating your Net Promoter Score (NPS). Collecting both quantitative and qualitative feedback is essential to improving customer satisfaction.

6 Tips to Make Customer Service Managers Lives’ a Breeze

GetResponse || January 25, 2016
The job of a customer service manager is not easy. They juggle the demands of their agents as well as those of their customers. This post lists out a few ideas for improving the employee experience of customer service managers. These employees are essential to the health of your business, so it’s worth giving GetResponse’s ideas more than a passing thought.

Highlights From 2015 National Customer Rage Study

CustomerThink || January 23, 2016
CustomerThink blogger Jeff Toister examines the salient points in the 2015 National Customer Rage Study. From our perspective as a call center software company, we’re particularly interested in the fact that the phrase that participants found most annoying was, “Your call is important to us. Please continue to hold.” Following closely behind at 45% was, “We are currently assisting other customers. Your call will be answered in the order in which it was received.”

How to Make 2016 The Year of Outstanding Customer Service: 5 Steps

Salesforce Blog || January, 18, 2016
This blog post is a synopsis of Salesforce’s “State of Service” report, which surveyed almost 2000 service leaders worldwide to discover the keys to customer service excellence. Among the insights offered by the report are making a push to empower customer service representatives and embracing emerging technologies. At 2000 respondents strong, this report is jam-packed with statistically-significant facts and figures for you to learn from.

7 Winning Customer Service Strategies

Talkdesk || January 5, 2016
OK. This infographic didn’t come out this week. But we thought it was a good time to work it into the Review. In the world of modern business, you have to know the numbers if you’re going to succeed. That includes industry-specific KPIs as well as overarching customer service trends. 96% of companies are unsatisfied with their ability to use data. Try using some of ours.

We hope we’ve piqued your interest with these little morsels! Hopefully an idea or two in these articles will help you in your pursuit of customer service excellence.

See you next week, readers! Au revoir.