Workforce Engagement Management

Desktop Analytics

Talkdesk Desktop Analytics monitors and reports on desktop activity to measure agent effectiveness, ensure compliance, and track customer impact

Keep the Focus on the Customer Experience

Save time and money by identifying and correcting inefficient processes and workflows. Improve key metrics through coaching opportunities to help agents serve customers more quickly and with better outcomes.

Drive Agent Performance

Find issues and patterns in agent desktop activity and then drill down to listen to the associated call to identify specific coaching opportunities.

"We’re able to measure qualitative KPIs through Talkdesk, which makes it incredibly easy to view and take action on this data. It lets us know how and where we can improve, both on a team and individual basis."

Aaron Bata, Head of Customer Experience, Tuft & Needle

Improve Efficiency

Measure application usage, search patterns, and performance metrics to pinpoint areas for workflow and process improvement.

"62% of consumers say that an agent’s knowledge and/or efficiency is a key factor for a positive service experience."

American Express

Ensure Compliance

Monitor keystrokes, data entry, viewed screens and more to validate that agents are operating within compliance standards.

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