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Data has changed the way contact centers provide customer service

As call centers become increasingly data-driven, adopting KPIs such as service level and abandonment rate have become the norm for businesses trying to keep up with growing customer expectations.

While these metrics are a step in the right direction, they fail to provide a complete view of the customer experience since they only measure specific parts of the interaction, not the experience as a whole.

Introducing: Talkdesk Sentiment

Talkdesk Sentiment is a new feedback system that enhances the traditional customer service metric, CSAT, with an entirely new customer datapoint, Mood. Together, these two KPIs capture a full picture of customer happiness by collecting valuable feedback from both the customer and the agent after each interaction.

Step 1: Customer Rates Satisfaction

Immediately after a call ends, Talkdesk automatically sends the customer an SMS survey to collect a CSAT score. SMS is a user-friendly, low-friction channel that has been shown to provoke substantially higher response rates than traditional IVR surveys.

Step 2: Agent Rates Mood

At the same time, the agent is prompted to assess the Mood of the customer they just helped by selecting from three different emoticons. In the event that the customer decides not to provide a CSAT score, the Mood provided by the agent still provides critical insights into the interaction.

Step 3: Teams Take Action

Via dedicated reporting in Talkdesk, supervisors can see a comprehensive analysis of CSAT scores and moods. These two metrics can be correlated for a 360° view of the customer experience that reveals actionable insights in both agent-level and overall call center-level performance as well as specific training opportunities.

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