Workforce Engagement Management

Track and improve agent engagement and productivity to create a better experience for agents and customers

Create an Engaged Workforce That Drives CX

Actively engaged employees are a critical component of a great customer experience. From forecasting and scheduling to quality and performance management, agents and supervisors can do their best work when they have the right tools in hand.

Workforce Management

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Talkdesk Workforce Management supercharges agent engagement and adherence while reducing the effort to create and manage forecasts and schedules.

"The quality and granularity of data I’m seeing in Talkdesk has enabled us to get to this level of forecasting accuracy."


Quality Management

Provide proactive coaching to improve agent performance and increase customer satisfaction. Leverage intelligent monitoring and reporting features for a complete view of customer happiness and agent effectiveness.

Performance Management

Track employee engagement and performance with intelligent dashboards. Gamify contact center KPIs and training. Automate team challenges to promote peer recognition and higher agent satisfaction.

"Organizations with highly engaged employees outperform those with low employee engagement by over 200%"

Dale Carnegie Research

Speech Analytics

Gain new insights about caller sentiment and intent with advanced speech analytics and keyword detection. Use data from granular reports to drive operational strategy, customer service, and quality management.

Desktop Analytics

Save time and money by identifying and correcting inefficient processes and workflows. Improve key metrics through coaching opportunities to help agents serve customers more quickly and with better outcomes.

Call Recording

Track performance, gather actionable business insights and ensure compliance with secure, flexible inbound and outbound call recording and custom storage options.

Workforce Engagement Management Features

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