The Talkdesk Promise

Our enterprise contact center platform delivers guaranteed reliability and offers an unprecedented 100% uptime SLA. Voice quality is backed by an industry-leading 4.22 MOS and to ensure the security of your data, Talkdesk maintains security and compliance certifications from all leading global alliances and organizations.

Trust & Reliability

Talkdesk leverages state-of-the-art technology to ensure your contact center is reliable, secure and always available.

Next-Generation Cloud Reliability

Talkdesk is an on-demand, cloud-based call center platform that is built with distributed systems engineering practices using Amazon Web Services.


9 Data Centers

Talkdesk has strategically distributed data centers around the world and prioritizes redundancy on every level to eliminate single point of failure.


Global Low Latency (GLL) Architecture

GLL ensures that each call travels the most direct route through regional communication nodes and minimizes dropped packets, jitter and delay.


Browser Communications Backup Plan (BCBP)

In the event that our primary telecommunications provider experiences issues, our BCBP ensures that you do not experience downtime or call quality issues.


Disaster Recovery

Talkdesk has a 24/7 Infrastructure and Operations team to oversee our automated backup plan should an unforeseen event occur.


Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Talkdesk offers the industry’s first and only 100% uptime SLA.

Enterprise-Class Security

At Talkdesk, we take security and privacy seriously and have implemented a variety of safeguards in our design and code to carefully protect our customer data.

Talkdesk follows the main security frameworks such as ISO27001, NIST and OWASP and holds several certifications such as SOC2 Type II, SOC3, PCI-DSS Level 1, CSA Star Level 1 and Cyber Essentials (UK) and we are rated in the Advanced security rating by Bitsight. We are compliant with several Privacy laws such as GDPR and HIPAA and hold a Privacy Shield certification. We are also members of Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and CiSP.

Our infrastructure is hosted and managed within secure data centers accredited for ISO27001, SOC2 and PCI level 1.

Our dedicated security team works every day to ensure the proper measures are in place to keep your data safe. In addition to closely monitoring our threats landscape, they also conduct regular audits of our system.

Real-Time Status Updates

In the unlikely event that an issue occurs, Talkdesk keeps customers informed with relevant information and provides accurate timeline estimates for issue resolution.

For every incident, we share a detailed post mortem with root cause analysis and next steps to mitigate the impact of similar issues, should they occur in the future.

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