International Numbers

Acquire local and toll-free phone numbers from multiple countries or port your existing phone numbers to optimize your global business.

Talkdesk provides local and toll-free phone numbers from countries around the world. You can purchase international numbers with one click and start using them immediately to aid and expand your global business. If you prefer to continue to use your existing phone numbers, Talkdesk will allow you to port them into the system. These features enable you to easily scale your team and expand your global presence.

Expand Globally

Allow your customers to call a familiar number at local rates, while simultaneously enabling your team to receive calls where it is most convenient for them. With Talkdesk, you can route international numbers to wherever your team is so that expanding your customer base does not require moving your offices.

Geographic Routing

Define routing protocols so that incoming calls from designated regions or countries are routed to specific agents or groups of agents equipped with the skills or knowledge to effectively address caller needs. Ensuring that customers are directed to the most optimal agents can improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

One-Click International Number Purchase

Within the Talkdesk interface, you can search for available phone numbers by prefix and area code, purchase them with one click and start making and receiving calls immediately. This feature allows you to scale your team and/or expand into a new location quickly and easily.

Custom Settings

Once you purchase a phone number, you can customize its settings according to your business needs. Select unique time zones, greetings and business hours for your phone numbers to customize the caller experience. Apply these custom settings to your phone numbers individually or in bulk using Talkdesk’s simple search and filter feature.

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