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Talkdesk Phone—calling is cool again

Alain Mowad

By Alain Mowad

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Talkdesk Phone Calling Cool Again

Growing up in the late 1960s and the 1970s, the phone was a fixture in our house. It was how we connected with friends and family, and how we communicated with almost everyone else outside of our household. It was also the principal means of business communications—right after in-person discussions, of course.

So much has changed since then. The personal computer revolution, the Internet, mobile devices have all drastically transformed the way we interact with each other, transforming even voice communications itself. And while communications preferences have changed, we all fundamentally still need to talk. That’s how we collaborate, that’s how we help customers, that’s how we get things done.

Companies need new collaboration tools.

So why haven’t telephony systems kept up with the pace of change? As our workforce becomes  increasingly hybrid, many new collaboration tools were adopted to empower dispersed teams to work together. But legacy phone systems are causing breakdowns in communication due to limited voice collaboration options and clunky integrations that can’t support the fast-moving coordinated way business is conducted today, impacting both the customer and the employee experience.

Sure, there are newer Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions out there to bridge the gap; but they still largely follow the antiquated monolithic, one-size-fits-all approach that legacy phone system vendors have been pitching for years. And that approach is no longer relevant to how business is done.

Talkdesk is a leader in the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) space, and we maintain our leadership role by continuously innovating and pushing technical boundaries to keep pace with how modern contact centers serve their customers. So why not apply the same creative thinking and innovation to revolutionize voice communications in the modern hybrid workforce?

Talkdesk Phone enables effortless collaboration.

Talkdesk Phone is the first native business phone system that was built from the ground up on a leading cloud contact center platform—not the other way around. And because it’s native, we’ve been able to bring the advanced features and capabilities of our CX Cloud platform to business phone users. That includes everything from incorporating advanced AI and automation to sophisticated omnichannel routing and extensive analytics.

Talkdesk Phone allows hybrid teams to effortlessly collaborate with each other using voice,  anywhere they happen to be and on any device. It allows contact center agents to communicate with other subject matter experts in the organization to solve complex customer problems quickly, increasing first call resolution and significantly improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. It allows calls to seamlessly be routed between backoffice employees and contact center agents so that calls get answered every time, and preserve context throughout. It provides a streamlined and simplified experience for both users and admins by leveraging the same interface for both agents and business phone users, a single reporting and admin interface and a single omnichannel routing engine for all business communications. It substantially reduces complexity and costs by running everything natively on a single platform.

Benefits of Talkdesk Phone.

Talkdesk Phone simplifies communications in any business.

  • Connect from anywhere on any device by empowering teams to talk to each other and receive and make calls to anywhere in the world they do business.
  • Gain a holistic view of all voice interactions across every department with unified reporting, and effortlessly manage all users, numbers, and devices from a unified interface.
  • Achieve significant cost savings combined with the simplicity of managing everything on a single platform that offers a single user experience.
  • Provide faster help for complex customer interactions to increase workforce productivity and share scattered insights better to more effectively build a culture of customer obsession.

Investing in the customer experience means investing in the employee experience. Now, you can do both with the industry’s first and only business phone system natively built on a leading cloud contact center platform. Talkdesk Phone reduces costs, unifies technologies, and increases business agility across the entire organization, improving both the customer and the employee’s experience.

Communicate anywhere. Simplify everything. Increase business agility. Drive customer obsession. Calling is cool again.


Alain Mowad

Alain Mowad

Alain Mowad has close to 30 years of experience in the enterprise and SaaS contact center and unified communications spaces, in both product management and product marketing roles. In his spare time, Alain likes to coach and play ice hockey and get actively involved in parent and community groups.