Custom Agent Statuses

Display each agent’s status to the entire team to increase efficiency by making it clear when s/he is free to take calls.

Custom call center agent statuses allow agents to share their activities and to advertise when they are available to take calls. This call center software feature is essential for call routing and is also invaluable for managers who would like to know exactly what their agents are doing when their statuses are set to “Away”. You can easily monitor your agents, no matter where they are located, with custom agent statuses.

Create Custom Agent Statuses

Talkdesk allows you to change the name of default statuses and also to define new statuses based upon your company culture, such as “break,” “lunch,” “team meeting,” and “training.” This makes team coordination simple.

Status-Dependent Routing

Talkdesk’s interface is designed to only route calls to available agents, based on their statuses. This helps to ensure a reliable distribution of calls among agents, as well as reducing connection time for customers. Additionally, status-dependent routing allows agents working on other important projects to eliminate unnecessary interruptions.

View Agent Statuses in Real Time

Both agents and managers can see custom agent statuses from the “Live Calls” reporting tab. This enables everyone on the team to to be aware of what their colleagues are currently working on at all times.

View Historical Agent Status Data

Managers can easily look at a detailed history of agent statuses from the “Agents” tab in their reporting dashboard or run an Agent Status Report at any time. This allows for comprehensive assessment of both agent performance and time spent during a specific period.

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