Contact History

Automatically display customer interaction history in your browser, including previous calls, emails, chats and cases, so agents are well informed before every call connects.

With Talkdesk, you can view each caller’s name and contact history before answering the phone. This information includes all previous calls, support requests, emails, chats, purchases and notes. The data is compiled from all of your integrated business tools so that you have a comprehensive overview of the caller. With this contextual caller data, you can provide more efficient and personalized service to each of your customers.

Contact History Powerhouse

Talkdesk compiles comprehensive customer data including, but not limited to, call logs, support tickets, CRM cases, chat transcripts and e-commerce purchases into each contact’s “Activity” tab in real-time. With this information, you will be equipped to customize your approach to interacting with every individual customer.

Know Who’s Calling

Talkdesk enables you to have present and historical information on your callers before you pick up the phone. When you use this data or refer to previous interactions, callers won’t have to spend time repeating information. This feature can help your company demonstrate that you value your customer experience and, in so doing, increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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