Agent Reporting

Assess the performance of your team with agent metrics such as real-time and historical agent status data, average speed to answer and average call duration.

Talkdesk’s reporting dashboard enables you to closely monitor both agent and team performance. View metrics such as duration of time spent in each agent status, average speed to answer, total calls and more. This call center software feature allows you to identify top agents, as well as those in need of coaching, in order to optimize your team’s performance.

Agent Reporting Metrics

The following are metrics that are displayed for each individual agent: Total Calls, Total Duration, Average Speed to Answer, Total Inbound Calls, Answered Calls and Total Outbound Calls. Using these call center agent metrics, you can quickly and easily assess the performance of each agent. This enables you to provide individual, data-driven feedback to your team members.

Agent Status Metrics

View agent status data in Talkdesk’s agent reporting dashboard. Use this to determine how much time your team is spending in the “Available” state, on breaks, in trainings, on calls and offline. This will help you to identify time management inefficiencies.

Ring Group Metrics

In addition to viewing metrics for each individual agent, Talkdesk also allows you to view metrics for groups of agents, or ring groups. Once configured, you can simply select the ring group from the dropdown menu on our reporting dashboard and Talkdesk will display all of the data listed above for that ring group. This makes it simple to analyze the performance of individual agents as well as specific groups of agents.

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