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How to improve FCR and increase customer loyalty

Génesis Longo
By Génesis Longo

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Two smiling women, a call center agent and a customer, talk on the phone and the agent uses techniques on how to improve FCR
 Talkdesk Intelligent Risk And Compliance Management For Contact Center Leaders


Product Showcase - Retail Experience Cloud

"If we go back to that concept of unified commerce, getting all the data right is the unlock to be able to deliver the objectives around seamless and personalized experiences…The implication of this is that you may not have the technologies that matter that are in place or that are integrated in other systems but using your contact center as the way to bring all of that into a unified view is going to help unlock the value."

Shannon Flanagan, global VP of retail, Talkdesk

Génesis Longo

Génesis Longo

Génesis Miranda Longo is the manager of industry marketing for retail, e-commerce and consumer goods. As a Mexican immigrant and Cornell University grad, she has spent her life in the food, grocery and ag industry. Apart from helping brands and retailers deliver incredible experiences, Génesis loves cooking spicy food with her husband, increasing diversity in tech and higher-education, and compulsively online shopping.