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Speech Analytics

Never miss an emerging trend in the business or a coaching moment for your employees.

Make Every Word Count

There’s a wealth of information in every customer conversation. Talkdesk Speech Analytics uses artificial intelligence to understand customer intent, automate call quality monitoring and improve agent performance, so you never miss an opportunity to improve the customer experience.

Complete Visibility into Every Conversation

Intelligently analyze real-time and historical calls to identify agent coaching opportunities and standout customer experiences. Mitigate risk by identifying possible compliance issues before they can escalate.

Efficient and Effective Quality Management

Save valuable time and effort by prioritizing the right interactions for evaluation and highlighting key moments in each recording, so that you can easily identify areas of improvement and spend more time coaching agents.

"64% of organizations using quality management automation and speech analytics experience more focused coaching."

Ventana Research

Drive Customer-Centric Decision-Making Across the Organization

Collect and share impactful data and insights with marketing, sales and product teams, empowering them to make more informed decisions that truly reflect your customers’ expectations.

"Talkdesk gives us the power to analyze the business more effectively."

Daniel Capoferri, Senior Manager, IS Solutions Delivery, TUCOWS

Talkdesk Speech Analytics Features

Call Transcription

Transcribe calls using advanced speech-to-text and natural language processing (NLP) technology.

Keyword Search

Search for keywords or phrases within call transcripts to further investigate issues or emerging trends.

Conversation Analytics

Identify speech patterns like silence, cross talk and objections to identify opportunities to improve agent performance and accelerate your QM processes.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand how a caller is feeling by analyzing their tone and listening for keywords during the conversation

Reporting & Dashboards

Track performance, discover insights, and develop best practices using prebuilt and custom dashboards that aggregate data from every customer interaction.

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